Thai Bach Cleans House in 2024: These Dark Ages Won’t Stick Around without a Dollar

According to astrology, in the upcoming year of 2024, individuals born under the Chinese zodiac sign of Giap Thin will be influenced by the Thai Bach star, which suggests that they should exercise caution in matters related to finances and business ventures.


What is Thai Bach Constellation?

In the belief of feng shui and folklore, each year we correspond to a certain constellation. In which, there are five bad constellations and five good constellations. At the same time, according to feng shui, each person in a year will be associated with a constellation

In which, Thai Bach Constellation or also known as Kim Tinh (Metal Star) or Thai Bach Kim Tinh is an evil constellation, the worst constellation among the 9 constellations corresponding to the Nine Flying Stars. As this is the worst constellation among the 9 constellations, people believe that this constellation always brings bad luck, misfortune to everyone in a year. From that, people have thought of many ways to ward off the misfortunes caused by this constellation. Those who are affected by this constellation often encounter only unlucky things throughout the year, no matter what they do, they will always encounter misfortunes and have little luck.


In the coming year, if anyone is affected by the Thai Bach constellation, their love life, job, business, as well as business will face great obstacles. Moreover, regarding health, they will encounter many serious health problems that make life more complicated.

Therefore, for those who are affected by the Thai Bach constellation, it is advisable to wait patiently and not to be hasty. As long as the owner is careful and cautious in all their works, the misfortunes and bad luck will significantly decrease. Thanks to that, life will gradually become much better. At the same time, the owner should accumulate merits and do good deeds to create blessings for themselves.

Which zodiac signs will be affected by the Thai Bach constellation in 2024?

In 2024, the following zodiac signs will be affected by the Thai Bach constellation and need to be cautious of the crisis and obstacles:

– Males affected in 2024 include: Tan Suu (2021), Nham Thin (2012), QuiMui (2003), Giap Tuat (1994), At Suu (1985), Binh Thin (1976), Dinh Mui (1967), Mau Tuat (1958), Ky Suu (1949), Canh Thin (1940).


– Females affected in 2024 include: Dinh Dau (2017), Mau Ty (2008), Ky Mao (1999), Canh Ngo (1990), Tan Dau (1981), Nham Ty (1972), Qui Mao (1963), Giap Ngo (1954), At Dau (1945), Binh Ty (1936).

This information is for reference and contemplation purposes only

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