The 3 meals that we should never eat, according to our ancestors

In ancient beliefs, it is said that there are three meals that a person should not consume during their lifetime. What are these meals, according to our ancestors?


3 meals that should not be eaten raw?

First: “The table is already set” should not be eaten

In daily life, it is impossible to avoid extravagant banquets, each meal has its own meaning and purpose. Many people will wonder why they can’t touch the food that has already been prepared at the banquet?

The reason is that in ancient times, there was a ceremony to invite guests to the house, and setting the table before the guests arrived means lack of respect for the other party. Even if the guest arrives late, why can’t they wait?

The second reason is that if you arrive late and everyone has already settled down, it is also rude behavior. At this time, the person who arrives later should know how to leave quickly to avoid being talked about.

Based on the above two reasons, those who encounter this situation, in general, should not eat. If you sit at the table carelessly, you will be looked down upon and judged by the people at the banquet. Of course, among close friends, this rule does not count.

In addition, this saying also carries a profound meaning, “the prepared banquet should not be used” meaning that there is nothing natural in this world. Everything in this world must be created in order to enjoy it. Don’t expect things that are already prepared for you without doing anything.

There are 3 meals that should not be eaten in this world

Second: “The wine has left the table” should not be touched?

According to the belief of our ancestors, when a meal is finished and unexpected guests arrive, if the host brings out old wine to offer, it must be refused. If not, we will also be looked down upon. Therefore, in this case, using old wine is synonymous with disrespecting the guests at the table and will make the people present feel uncomfortable.

At this time, the table is already full of leftovers. If you insist on sitting down, it is not good, but looking at it, it will no longer be a beautiful sight. Besides, if you continue to sit, it will also require the host to prepare new dishes, indirectly causing inconvenience to the host. This not only takes time and is very troublesome for the host, but also makes people feel unhappy, especially the person who has to cook.

In addition, this saying also implies that when everyone has left the table, you should not try to sit down, don’t make yourself the center of attention because of rudeness.

There are 3 meals in this world that should not be eaten

Third: The meal of the dying person

Before a person passes away, they are usually prepared a final meal. According to the belief of our ancestors, doing so will ensure that they become a well-fed ghost in the afterlife. That’s why the ancients used to say that we should never eat the meal of someone who is about to pass away. Let them depart peacefully and without any worries in this world.

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Frequently asked questions

1. “The table is already set”: In some cultures, it is considered disrespectful to eat a meal that has been prepared and set before the guests arrive. It is seen as a lack of regard for the host and other guests, indicating impatience and a lack of manners.
2. “The wine has left the table”: According to ancestral beliefs, if unexpected guests arrive after a meal and the host offers old wine, it must be refused. Consuming it would be synonymous with disrespecting the guests already present, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere.
3. “The meal of the dying person”: In many traditions, a final meal is prepared for an individual before their passing. It is believed that consuming this meal is taboo, as it is meant to ensure the person becomes a well-fed ghost in the afterlife, allowing them to depart peacefully.