The ancient admonition “Richness does not come from a big house nor does it lie in fancy bedrooms,” why? Many people will regretfully understand

Based on ancient knowledge, it is believed that building a large house and sleeping in a spacious room is not favorable for one's fortune and may even bring harm to a person.


In the past, the rich had big houses, but now the rich have villas while the poor live in cramped small houses. However, the ancients taught that even if you are wealthy, you should not build big houses or large bedrooms. Big houses and large bedrooms here refer to the proportion with the people living in them. A big house is one that is too spacious for the number of people living in it, while a large bedroom is larger than the number of people sleeping in it.

Big houses and large bedrooms are not encouraged by the ancients

Why shouldn’t you live in big houses or sleep in large bedrooms?

Throughout history, building a house has always been a significant event. When you have money, you usually want to build a big house to satisfy the long-standing desire. It takes many years of effort to have enough money to build a house. Therefore, the usual trend is to build big houses to show grandeur and wealth. But that is foolish. Building a big house is both costly and time-consuming. Wealthy people may not worry about the cost, but it is not beneficial in other aspects.

A big house that is too spacious for the number of people and living needs means wasting. A big house requires more cleaning and consumes more energy for cooling and heating. A big house lacks airflow and lack of accumulated energy, so it is not good for the fortune of the homeowner. When the house is too big compared to the number of occupants, it feels lonely and cold, leading to sadness and melancholy. Cleaning a big house is tiring. A big house is difficult to manage and guard, making it easier for thieves to hide and infiltrate. If not fully occupied, a big house will have cold and empty rooms, attracting ghosts and even becoming a haven for thefts.

Building large houses can make the homeowner tired physically and mentally

Building a big house may bring suspicion. Throughout history, when someone built a big house, it meant showing off their wealth. In this way, it is easy to attract suspicion, evaluation, and even bring disaster to the family. They may be suspected of where their assets are, or thieves may stalk and infiltrate, or people may come to borrow and disturb. Therefore, the wisdom of the ancients is to build a house that is just enough to live in, demonstrating frugality and humility, and maintaining personal peace.

A big house causes family members to be more apart, resulting in less happy family atmosphere and a decline in fortune and happiness.

A large bedroom is not conducive to human beings because a large bedroom dissipates vital energy. People feel lonely and uncomfortable when sleeping in a large room. Especially in winter, it is difficult to keep a large room warm, causing more energy depletion. The chambers of kings and nobles are often only about 10-15 square meters for this reason.

The chambers of kings and nobles are often only about 10 square meters to avoid energy depletion

Many people nowadays do not know this

Many people today, when they have money or a little capital to build a house, borrow more to make it bigger. Many people realize their regret after they have finished building because they cannot fully occupy the house, which means they have to clean up many things. The characteristic of a house is that if it is left uninhabited for a long time and with few people coming and going, it quickly becomes damp, prone to dust, pests, and rodents. Therefore, building a house bigger than necessary requires more cleaning.

Many people borrow money to build big houses and then have to repay the debt, which is a waste and exhausting. Many descendants have gone, and there is no one living in the house, but they still have to clean and maintain it regularly, causing fatigue and even illness.

Many people do not know the oral tradition of the ancients, but they regret it after they finish building. In reality, many wealthy people who were living peacefully suddenly lost their peace because of suspicions and prying eyes. Some people questioned where their assets came from, or thieves lurked and intruded, or people came to borrow and disturb. Therefore, the wisdom of the ancients is still worth pondering, not only as advice on how to live and maintain peace when you have money but also from the perspective of health.

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Frequently asked questions

Ancient wisdom suggests that big houses can lead to physical and mental exhaustion for the homeowner. The maintenance and cleaning of a large house can be tiring and time-consuming. Additionally, a house that is too spacious for the number of occupants can feel lonely and cold, impacting the happiness and well-being of the residents.

According to ancient beliefs, a big house can attract unwanted attention and suspicion. It may lead to evaluations of one’s wealth and even bring disasters to the family. Additionally, a large house can be a target for thieves and make it easier for them to hide and infiltrate.

Ancient wisdom suggests that large bedrooms dissipate vital energy. Sleeping in a spacious room can make people feel lonely and uncomfortable. Additionally, it is challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature in a large bedroom, especially during winter, leading to increased energy depletion.

The chambers of kings and nobles were typically around 10-15 square meters. This size was chosen to avoid energy depletion and maintain a comfortable and cozy sleeping environment.

Many individuals are unaware of the oral traditions of the ancients and the potential drawbacks of large houses. They may borrow money to build bigger homes, only to realize the challenges of maintenance and the waste of space afterward. This can lead to financial strain and physical exhaustion.
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