The Ancients’ Advice: “3 leaks in a house can lead to decline in fortune, what are these 3 leaks?”

There are times in life when unexpected events occur, but if we can perceive these events in a timely manner, we can minimize the damages that they may cause.


According to ancient belief, when these leaks occur in a family, it indicates that the family is in trouble. Therefore, everyone is afraid of these 3 leaks. But if it is necessary to go through, the best way is to recognize the problem and go through it.

The 3 leaks that the ancients mention are:

First Leak: Leaky pot

This means that the cooking utensils are pierced or broken. The leak of the pot here means the damage and financial loss. Objects will eventually break. If the pot leaks, you can’t cook, then the family will be hungry and their health will deteriorate. However, if the family has the means to reserve, they can buy another pot to replace it. On the other hand, if the family is poor, unable to store and unable to buy another pot, they will fall into very difficult situations.

Therefore, when talking about pot leaks, it’s not just about the pot in the kitchen. The ancients are reminding us of the leakage of money and finances. Therefore, the family must always pay attention to accumulation in order to be prepared for leakages and prevent any harm. If not, the consequences can be severe. Therefore, in order for the family to be safe and prosperous, they must be diligent in saving and accumulating to avoid situations where leaks cannot be “patched” up.

Second Leak: Leaky roof

Here, the roof leaking literally means that in rainy or sunny weather, it gets wet and the people living in the house have no safe shelter, get sick, and have no place to sleep. In a metaphorical sense, it refers to the leakage of family values and traditions. When the family lacks values and traditions, it means the leakage starts from the top. How can the family be peaceful, prosperous, and warm?

The house is the most important asset, and if the roof is leaking, it will cost a lot of money to repair and take a lot of time to redo. It takes a long time to rebuild a family where family values have been leaked and lost.

Therefore, if you see a house with crumbling walls, it is a bad omen. And if family values are no longer there, it is even worse. With an unstable family, children will not listen, and adults will not be role models, and the family will collapse. Therefore, to avoid family ruin, adults must set a good example and children must be obedient.

If the family does not build a warm home together, the roof will become leaky, and the home will become cold. Therefore, in every action, word, and gesture, one must be careful to preserve the warmth of the family.

Third Leak: Leaky person

Leaky person here refers to the loss of a person in the family. In the past, families and lineages relied heavily on the number of men or “nails”.

The leakage of a person is an irreparable loss because death means the end. Furthermore, if the family suffers continuous loss, it is a very bad sign for the land. The loss of a person is not only the pain of separation but also a sign of misfortune, especially if it involves the loss of children, young people, or the pillar of the family. The loss and grief linger in the family, causing the spirits of everyone to decline and making it difficult for the family to recover.

Therefore, in order to have a prosperous family, to have enough food and a warm atmosphere, it is necessary to focus on finances, take care of each other, save and accumulate, maintain family values, and take care of each other carefully. When any leaks appear, family members must stand together to overcome them. In life, there must always be careful preparation to face these leaks in order to restore the family.

The information is for reference only.

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