The Ancient’s Wisdom: ‘Why the Number of Doors and Windows in a House Matters’

Superstitions and taboos have long been a part of cultural beliefs, and when it comes to Feng Shui, there are certain practices that are considered major no-nos. Let's delve into uncovering one of these ancient taboos and enhancing our understanding of the world of Feng Shui!


What is the significance of a door’s width being three times its height?

The front door holds significant importance in feng shui, as it is believed to be the gateway to fortune and prosperity for the household. The phrase “the door should be three” holds a special meaning in this context.

Firstly, it refers to the idea of “keeping the door thrice.” This stems from the ancient belief that a wider upper portion of the door is auspicious for wealth accumulation. By having a wider top, the door is thought to attract more fortune, leading to abundance and wealth for the homeowners. Traditionally, when crafting the entrance gate, families would make the upper width approximately 3cm wider than the bottom.

Additionally, the number three holds a positive connotation in folklore. The phrase “two begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things” reflects the belief that the number three signifies prosperity. As a result, the ideal height for a gate is considered to be around three meters.

What Do We Mean When We Say the Door Should Be Three?

What does it mean when a house is said to be “four-worthy”?

The phrase “a house should be four” holds a deeper meaning. In ancient times, our ancestors believed that the feng shui of a house could impact the luck and well-being of its inhabitants. As a result, when constructing a home, it was imperative to consider the surrounding environment.

For instance, a house built in a gloomy, sunless environment was thought to negatively affect the physical and mental health of its residents. A house is not just a place of residence but also a nurturing space, and our destinies are believed to be intertwined with our homes. Therefore, our ancestors emphasized that a house should possess four essential attributes: aesthetics, durability, functionality, and financial feasibility.

Why is a coffin said to be “six-worthy”?

In the past, just as much importance was given to death as to life and growth. The phrase “a coffin should be six” holds a specific meaning in this context.

Coffins, typically made of wooden planks, have specific dimensions. When it is said that “a coffin should be six feet,” it refers to the ideal length of approximately six and a half feet. But why is this specific measurement considered auspicious?

Why is a Coffin Said to be “Six-Worthy”

According to folk beliefs, when a person passes away, they undergo six cycles of reincarnation: heaven, hell, humanity, hungry ghosts, animals, and asuras. Among these, the paths of divinity, humanity, and asuras are considered desirable rebirths. The specified coffin size is believed to facilitate the deceased’s journey toward these positive destinations.

Practically speaking, this length corresponds to the average human height. Six feet and three inches, or approximately 2.1 meters, is a suitable size to accommodate the deceased along with the belongings they are buried with.

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Frequently asked questions

The number of doors and windows in a home is believed to have an impact on the flow of energy and luck. In ancient cultures, it was thought that having an even number of doors and windows would bring balance and harmony to the home, while an odd number could bring chaos and bad luck.

Even numbers are often associated with balance and stability. In feng shui, for example, having an even number of doors and windows is said to promote the flow of positive energy, or chi, throughout the home. This can bring good fortune and harmony to the residents.

Yes, in Chinese culture, the number of doors and windows is believed to have an impact on the flow of qi, or life force energy. An even number of doors and windows is thought to promote a smooth flow of qi, bringing good health and prosperity. An odd number, on the other hand, may disrupt the qi and bring bad luck.

When building or renovating a home, consider incorporating an even number of doors and windows to promote balance and harmony. If you have an odd number, you can add an additional door or window, or consult a feng shui expert for advice on how to create a harmonious space.

Yes, the placement and direction of doors and windows can also play a role in the energy of a home. In feng shui, for example, the front door is considered the ‘mouth of chi’ and should be positioned to welcome positive energy into the home. The direction that doors and windows face can also have an impact on the flow of energy and should be considered when designing a home.