The Emerald Stone brings more than just power, luck, and abundance… it’s even more than that.

Jade is one of the oldest gemstones in the world today. It is not only used for jewelry, but also a sacred material within the traditional cultures of China.


With its beautiful and impressive colors, Jadeite is commonly used in the jewelry industry to create rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Among them, the most popular type of Jadeite jewelry is the inlaid and exquisitely carved ones.

The rarest color of Jadeite is the translucent green color. This color is somewhat similar to Jadeite, so if you are not careful, it can easily be mistaken for Jadeite. Jadeite also comes in white, light red, or light yellow colors.

Jadeite and Life

In ancient Chinese culture, jewelry made from Jadeite such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., will bring positive results in business or the lives of the wearers. Not only that, but these pieces of jewelry also help the wearers to have more luck in terms of wealth and communication skills.

Jadeite is also seen as a symbol of modesty and courage. It has the ability to instill trust, strength, and wisdom in its wearers. As a result, it helps them to always be alert to make important decisions in life.

Jadeite in Feng Shui and Spirituality

Jadeite is often used to create various pieces of jewelry that enhance the pure and gentle beauty of women. Moreover, this stone has a yang nature, making it extremely suitable for women to wear daily, to balance yin and yang, and bring luck and awareness to the wearers.

However, this does not mean that Jadeite is only suitable for women. Since ancient times, men have used Jadeite to make jade pendants, jade rings, etc., to increase their vitality, talent, and luck. Moreover, Jadeite also helps to improve health, making work smoother and more favorable.

Jadeite is considered a stone of abundance, bringing luck and good health to the wearers. Therefore, wearing Jadeite can effectively improve life and finances.

Especially, Jadeite has the ability to attract good omens. As a result, it helps the wearers to always be successful in their work, business, or relationship development.

What destiny does Jadeite suit? Each color of Jadeite is suitable for a certain destiny. For example, green Jadeite will be compatible with owners of the Water destiny or the Wood destiny. Those who have the Wood destiny or the Earth destiny can choose red Jadeite to enhance blessings and prosperity for themselves.

Jadeite for Healing and Health Enhancement

Jadeite is a crystal with excellent healing properties. This stone has the ability to revive and speed up the healing process. At the same time, it promotes overall better health.

Furthermore, Jadeite also helps to create natural luck. Therefore, it is considered a lucky charm that helps you achieve your financial goals. By bringing the energy of creativity and ingenuity, Jadeite also has the ability to help you fulfill your dreams.

Most importantly, Jadeite is a stone that helps you appreciate what you have in life, not just in terms of money or material possessions.

Jadeite also helps soothe the nervous system and strengthen the immune system of the wearers. In addition, it can adjust the acid balance in the body, purify the blood to improve blood circulation, remove accumulated toxins, and effectively treat eye-related issues.

Moreover, Jadeite is known to have effects in treating diseases related to the stomach. As well as other disorders related to the liver, heart, and kidneys.

Jadeite for Maintaining Love and Relationships

Jadeite carries a powerful clearing energy, helping to stabilize the minds of its wearers. As a result, it helps you effectively deal with your own mood swings, so as not to harm yourself and those around you.

Wearing Jadeite regularly will help you understand the reasons behind your own negativity and depression. In addition, the energy from Jadeite also helps you gain trust and loyalty. This will improve your relationships in a more positive way.

Jadeite also has the ability to strengthen relationships. It also fortifies your courage and boldness. With the delicate guidance of Jadeite, you will know how to express yourself effectively. Therefore, you will be ready to convey what your heart tells you without any worries.