The Surprising and Amazing Benefits of Submerging Flower Stems in Boiling Water that Many People Don’t Know

Everyone desires long-lasting fresh flowers, and here are some amazing tips for flower enthusiasts.


Everyone wants flowers to stay fresh and blooming, especially during the end of the year. Here are some small tips to help your flowers last longer.

Deeply immerse the flowers in water

When you bring home new flowers, don’t put them directly in a vase. Instead, place them in a bucket of water that is deep enough to reach the stems. If you have to go shopping or run errands for a few hours after purchasing the flowers, this step becomes even more important. Keeping the flowers in water helps them replenish the lost water and revive from the previous water-deficient conditions.


Clean the vase thoroughly

The flower vase should be carefully cleaned with dish soap to eliminate bacteria that can cause the water to spoil and infect the plant roots, leading to rapid decay.

Cut the flowers

Before placing the flowers in a vase, trim any withered or deep-set leaves. Prune the stems to remove any previous cuts, making it easier for the stems to absorb water and prevent water deficiency. Make sure to use sharp scissors for cutting. Dull scissors may compress the stems, causing them to wither rapidly. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle or split them in half after cutting to improve water absorption when placed in the vase.

Dip the stems in hot water

For flowers with woody stems like roses, bells, or immortelles, you should dip the bottom part of the stem in boiling water for about 40 seconds to kill bacteria. This technique helps prevent bacterial growth and makes the flowers last longer. Some flowers like bells or immortelles can be directly placed in hot water, and they will bloom beautifully without wilting.


Use appropriate water for the vase

It is recommended to use tap water that has been left out for a few hours to allow chlorine to evaporate, ensuring that the water is clean and does not cause the flowers to wither. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to help the flowers stay fresh longer.

“Seasonings” for long-lasting flowers

To make your flowers last longer without buying commercial flower preservatives, you can use the following seasonings to provide additional nutrients:

– A small amount of vitamin C powder

– One aspirin tablet or a few vitamin B1 tablets

– A few spoonfuls of vodka

– Sugar: Add 2 spoonfuls of sugar to the vase water or 1/4 can of carbonated soda

– Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice: Mix two spoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with a small amount of water.


Add a little of this water to prevent flower spoilage

When flowers start to decay, bacteria attack the stems, causing them to wither quickly. To solve this problem, you can use some types of water to prevent flower spoilage, such as:

– Mouthwash

– Dishwashing liquid

Choose the right spot for the flower vase

To keep your flowers fresh for a longer time, avoid placing the vase opposite the air conditioner or near areas with excessive heat. The vase should be placed in a well-lit area, but away from direct sunlight. Avoid placing the vase in a windy area. Do not display flowers with ripe fruit, as the gases emitted from the fruit can cause the flowers to wilt faster.

Rejuvenate the flowers with warm water after a few days

After 2-3 days, when the flowers start to wilt, you can revive them by cutting off the roots, then placing them in warm water. Warm water helps rejuvenate the flowers, and cutting off the roots also helps the flowers absorb water more effectively.

Change the water for the flowers

During the flower’s lifespan, regularly changing the water prevents it from spoiling and helps the flowers stay fresh longer. Each time you change the water, you can add additional nutrients using the seasonings mentioned above.

Use an appropriate number of flower stems

The vase should contain an appropriate number of flower stems to avoid overcrowding. Too many flowers in a vase cause overcrowding and deprive them of sufficient nutrients and water, resulting in faster withering.

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