Vietnamese Logo Fonts

It can be frustrating when you can’t find a font that supports the Vietnamese language, especially when it comes to designing logos. This often results in the text defaulting to a standard Vietnamese font, disrupting the harmony of the design and losing its intended appeal and message. While it’s uncommon to use diacritical marks in logos nowadays, it’s not unheard of. Here are 58 Vietnamese-supported fonts you can use for your logo designs:

Hapna Font – Download

Hapna, also known as Hapna Slab Serif, is a versatile font family that was introduced in 2013. It offers a range of weights, from light to black, making it adaptable to various design needs. Hapna draws inspiration from baseball and 1950s print media, giving it a unique and timeless appeal.

Gotham Font – Download

Gotham is a font family introduced in 2000, inspired by the signage and advertising of mid-20th-century New York. It’s a sans-serif font with a bold, rounded design that’s easy to read. Gotham gained prominence during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, where it was extensively used in campaign materials. Its eye-catching design makes it a great choice for logo designs, instantly grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Kermel Font – Download

Kermel is a playful and whimsical font with varying letter heights. It adds a touch of unpredictability while maintaining a sense of unity, making it perfect for creative banner and poster designs.

Roicamonta Font – Download

Roicamonta is a handwritten-style font that’s very popular today. It evokes a sense of lightness and romance, making it ideal for logo designs aiming for a soft and dreamy aesthetic. This font has been localized for Vietnamese and is available for free.

Algerian Font – Default Font on Computers

Algerian is an impressive font with serifs, designed for all-caps text. It features a distinctive shadow effect that creates a sense of depth. Algerian conveys a feeling of trust and reliability, making it a good choice for logo designs. Its unique design also leaves a strong impression on viewers.

Agency FB Font – Download

Agency FB is perfect for logo designs that require a digital, technical, and angular feel. It’s well-suited for technology-focused companies, giving their logos a modern and innovative appearance.

Comfortaa Font – Download

Beautiful logo design font used by designers
Comfortaa is a rounded font that works well for logo designs in the technology and software industries. Its modern and attractive design enhances the visual appeal of logos.

Jockerman Font – Default Vietnamese Font

Jockerman is a default font that, when used creatively, can add a unique touch to logo designs. However, due to its intricate details and cutouts, designers should use it sparingly to avoid creating a cluttered and confusing design.

OCR A Font – Default Vietnamese Font

OCR A is another font suitable for technology-oriented logo designs. It conveys a sense of digital precision and modernity, effectively communicating the brand’s message at first glance.

Snap ITC Font – Default Vietnamese Font

Snap ITC is a playful font with varying line thicknesses. It’s often used in logo designs that aim for a fun and lighthearted vibe.
The above-listed fonts are Vietnamese-localized, but what about other fonts? In the next section, we’ll explore beautiful logo design fonts that haven’t been localized for Vietnamese:

Beautiful Fonts for Logo Design

Big John – Download

Jaapokki – Download
Anders – Download
Axis – Download
Azedo – Download
Ovalian – Download
Museo – Download
Quicksand – Download
Juice – Download
Passion – Download
LOT free font – Download
VAL – Download
Quad – Download
Badabum – Download
Cow.Cow – Download
PincoyaBlack – Download
Pico Super Bold – Download
Collage Remix – Download
Coopepan – Download
Sliced AB – Download
Cranberry Blues – Download
Paranoid – Download
Escuela – Download
Shadowscribe ver 1.5 – Download
SD Grunge Serifia Font – Download
Contempory – Modern Font – Download
Ultravioleta – Download
PlagueDeath – Download
EpoXY history – Download
Manteka – Download
Kilogram – Download
Intro Free Font – Download
Geared – Download
Cassannet – Download
Poiret – Download

Tips for Using Fonts in Logo Design

Creating a beautiful logo design with fonts goes beyond having great ideas. It’s essential to follow some basic design principles to ensure a harmonious and effective design. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using fonts in your logo designs:
  • Avoid using too many different fonts in a single logo design. This can create a cluttered and confusing appearance, detracting from the logo’s appeal and potentially distorting its intended message.
  • Don’t combine fonts that look too similar. While the intention may be to create a subtle accent, using overly similar fonts can make the logo appear faulty or poorly designed, undermining the company’s professionalism and credibility.
  • Refrain from using too many font sizes in the same design. This can create an unbalanced and chaotic look, especially in text-heavy logos.
  • Ensure that the font color contrasts well with the background to create a clear and impactful design. Avoid colors that are too light or blend into the background.
  • Emphasize design elements carefully to maintain a smooth and cohesive look.
  • Ensure that the design retains its meaning and impact even when scaled up or down.
Frequently asked questions

There are several key factors to consider when crafting a logo. These include choosing the right font, ensuring legibility, reflecting the brand’s personality, and maintaining simplicity. The logo should be versatile and adaptable to various media, and it’s crucial to avoid common pitfalls like cluttering or following trends blindly.

Font choice is critical to the success of a logo. Consider the brand’s personality and the feeling you want to evoke. Serif fonts convey tradition and elegance, while sans-serif fonts are modern and clean. Display fonts add uniqueness but require careful selection to avoid an amateurish look. Ensure the font aligns with the brand’s values and is legible across different sizes and applications.

Common pitfalls to avoid include cluttering the design with too many elements, following trends that may become outdated quickly, and not considering the logo’s adaptability to different media. Ensure the logo is simple, memorable, and versatile. Also, be mindful of copyright issues and never directly copy or imitate existing logos.

Color is a powerful tool in logo design, evoking emotions and conveying the brand’s personality. Choose colors that align with the brand’s values and target audience. Consider the cultural implications of colors and the emotions they evoke. Use color theory to guide your choices, creating a harmonious or contrasting palette. Ensure the logo works well in both color and black-and-white versions.

To create a memorable logo, focus on simplicity and uniqueness. Ensure your logo is easily recognizable and avoids complex details that may be lost at small sizes or when reproduced on different media. Consider negative space creatively and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A good logo should also be versatile, working effectively in color or monochrome, and across digital and print media.