Three things you should never sell no matter how much you are offered: The longer you stay, the richer you become, and successful children.

If your house possesses any of these three signs in Feng Shui, you will be extremely fortunate. The more you stay in it, the more prosperous your life will become.


House with good water circulation

If you want to attract wealth into your home, decorate your wealth corner with small water features, aquariums, miniature landscapes… because water is one of the important factors in feng shui that brings money and wealth into the house, making the homeowner prosperous. In addition, if there is water in the house, it represents flexibility, adaptability, and reduces tension and negative energy in your home, making it easier for you and your family to succeed in career advancement. If you have the means, you can decorate a small fountain with the meaning of abundant wealth, making money flow into the house and never run out.

Signs that the house brings more money the longer you live in it

House with good positive energy

According to folklore belief, houses with good positive energy are good for people’s health. And this also helps increase the flow of wealth into the house, making the homeowner’s life smooth and fulfilling. At the same time, a house with good positive energy will help the flow of money into the house. If your house has this, never sell it, keep it because the longer you live in such a house, the more opportunities for advancement and the more fulfilling the lives of the members of the house become. Therefore, such a house is very valuable, no matter how much money it costs, never sell it!

Children like to stay at home and play

My house has a beautiful and neat street

(*) Information is for reference and contemplation purposes only

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