Two Handy Ways to Limit Wi-Fi Access Devices on Samsung Phones

Restrictive access to Wi-Fi devices on Samsung phones is an intriguing tactic. This functionality effectively prevents unauthorized connections, eliminating network disruptions and lag. In this article, we will delve into the precise steps required to limit access points for Wi-Fi connections on Samsung smartphones.


How to Restrict Devices from Connecting to WiFi on a Samsung Phone is the trick you are looking for to limit strange devices from accessing your mobile data? Then you should not ignore the detailed instructions on how to limit access points on Samsung below!

Why is it necessary to restrict devices from accessing WiFi on Samsung?

While using a Samsung phone, sometimes you need to share WiFi with other devices such as laptops, tablets, other people’s phones, etc. to connect and use the network. However, if too many devices connect to your personal hotspot, the network will definitely slow down, lag, and data will quickly run out.

The perfect solution then is to limit the number of devices accessing WiFi on Samsung. This is the function of limiting the access point to mobile data waves on Samsung phones. It helps you save data, use the network stably, and avoid lag. The devices you access will also be smoother.

How to restrict devices from accessing WiFi on a Samsung phone

Restricting devices from accessing WiFi on a Samsung phone is not complicated. You can follow one of the two methods below:

Method 1: Limit WiFi access devices

Step 1: First, go to Settings > Select Connections > Click Internet Connection Sharing > Enable the Mobile Hotspot feature.

Step 2: If a device connects to the WiFi emitted by your Samsung phone, click on Mobile Hotspot > Click the + icon next to the name of the device you have allowed to connect > Enter the name of the device you want to allow access > Click Add.

Step 3: Then, go back to the Mobile Hotspot section, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen > Select Allowed Devices > Enable Allowed Devices Only > Click Restart and you are done.

Method 2: Set a password and enhance WiFi security

With some older Samsung models, you will not be able to apply the method of restricting devices from accessing WiFi on the Samsung phone above. At that time, setting a password and enhancing security for personal WiFi is the most effective solution. Because devices that want to connect must enter the correct password. This will restrict the devices that connect to the WiFi emitted from your Samsung phone.

Step 1: Open Settings > Click Connections > Select Internet Connection Sharing > Enable Personal Hotspot.

Step 2: Click on Configure > Set a name and password for your WiFi network > Click Save and you are done.

Notes when restricting devices from accessing WiFi on Samsung

When performing the method of restricting devices from accessing WiFi on your Samsung phone, you need to note the following:

  • After setting up the WiFi access point restriction feature, other devices will not be able to use “free” WiFi from your phone.
  • When setting a WiFi password, you should set a strong password and avoid using easy-to-guess passwords such as consecutive numbers (1111, 2222, 3333, 12345, …), full names, dates of birth, …
  • Regularly check your data plan to be able to turn off the personal hotspot sharing feature in time. Because when using it beyond the registered package limit, money will be deducted very quickly.
Frequently asked questions

You can use the Samsung Smart Things app or the Samsung Connect app to manage your Wi-Fi connections. With these apps, you can set up a ‘Weekly Allowance’ or a ‘Bedtime Schedule’ to limit Wi-Fi access for specific devices connected to your phone’s mobile hotspot.

The ‘Weekly Allowance’ feature allows you to set a specific time period during which selected devices can access the Wi-Fi. You can choose the days of the week and the duration for which the Wi-Fi will be accessible.

The ‘Bedtime Schedule’ feature lets you set a daily bedtime schedule, during which selected devices will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. This is particularly useful for ensuring that your children’s devices do not have internet access during their bedtime.

Yes, both the Smart Things and Samsung Connect apps allow you to select specific devices to control their Wi-Fi access. You can choose which devices to include or exclude from the restrictions you set.

Yes, many modern smartphones offer similar features for controlling Wi-Fi access. For example, iPhones have ‘Screen Time’ settings, which include ‘Downtime’ and ‘Communication Limits’ options that can restrict internet access during certain times.
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