“Two Walls for a Healthy and Prosperous Family – Ancient Wisdom”

To bring abundant energy, good health, and wealth to the residents, the bedroom should take note of the following.


Beds should not be placed against the bathroom wall

The bathroom is often considered an unclean area, with a damp atmosphere, especially when it also serves as a toilet. This was particularly true in the past when there were no modern odor-eliminating devices, and houses were simple and poorly insulated. Placing the bed against the bathroom wall could lead to discomfort and affect the quality of your sleep. Not to mention the unpleasant odors or toxic gases that could seep into the sleeping area, potentially causing health issues for the bed owner.

Nowadays, most houses are made of reinforced concrete, and the quality of the bathroom and toilet areas has improved significantly, reducing noise and typical bathroom odors. Therefore, placing the bed against the bathroom wall may not be a significant issue affecting the bed owner’s health.

However, it is still common for many people to avoid placing the bed against those two walls to prevent health issues for family members.

In reality, with modern homes built with solid and well-designed structures, the impact on our health from placing the bed near those walls is minimal. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it won’t significantly affect your health, regardless of where you position the bed.

Beds should not be placed against windows

The bed is a place for rest and should be kept clean and well-ventilated. However, in the past, it was believed that placing the bed against a window would allow dust and germs to enter more easily. Opening the window would also expose the sleeping individual to more harmful substances, potentially damaging their lungs and overall health.

In the past, windows were mainly made of wood due to poor living conditions. Sleeping near the window would expose individuals to cold air coming through the gaps, increasing the risk of getting sick.

However, in modern homes today, windows are well sealed, so even if you sleep near a window, it’s unlikely that cold air or hot air would enter. Additionally, most households have supporting devices such as air conditioning or heating equipment, further reducing the risk of illness from this reason.

Note when placing the bed according to feng shui

Do not place the bed directly facing the bedroom entrance

When placing the bed, it’s advisable not to align it with the entrance. This could cause direct collision between harmful energy and the person lying down, posing a danger to their health and adversely affecting their career. In such cases, the bed should be shifted, avoiding a straight line between the bed and the door. If the bed cannot be shifted, another solution is to turn the head of the bed in a different direction. This is a way to resolve the issue.

Do not place a mirror directly facing the head of the bed

In Feng Shui, mirrors reflect back the incoming energy. Therefore, mirrors should not be placed directly facing the head, at the foot, or at a position where you can see your own reflection. This will create a feeling of being watched. In addition, seeing your own reflection in the mirror while in a half-asleep state can startle you, affecting the quality of your sleep.

Place the bed in a position with empty space

The bed should be placed in a position with empty space so that when you wake up, you can step down on the left, right, or front side. This arrangement helps promote better air flow and makes the sleepers feel more comfortable and refreshed.

Avoid placing the bed directly facing the kitchen

Having the kitchen in front of the bedroom is not good for your health. The hot fire and smoke during cooking will create discomfort in what is supposed to be a quiet resting space. It’s best to place the bed in another area of the bedroom to avoid accidents and illnesses.

Avoid leaving the head of the bed exposed

“Leaving the head of the bed exposed” means having a bed without proper support or protection. Placing the head of the bed against the wall is recommended if the bed cannot be aligned with the wall. Additionally, you can place a shelf or a nightstand close to the wall as a form of protection.

Avoid placing the bed in a corner with sharp edges

A bed placed in a corner with sharp edges creates unfavorable energy. This can make the individual feel heavy and have difficulty sleeping. In such cases, it’s best to round off or cover the sharp edges. However, the best solution is still to avoid these sharp corners altogether.

Avoid placing the bed directly under a chimney or a smoke vent

According to feng shui beliefs, placing the bed directly under a chimney or a smoke vent can make it difficult for the bed owner to conceive. Therefore, the bed should not be placed directly under these elements. If this situation occurs, the bed should be placed in a different location so that the bed occupant cannot see the chimney or smoke vent. Additionally, using curtains to cover the windows can help prevent seeing these elements.