What are the three empty areas that the ancestors are warning about when entering a house and where poor descendants live all year round?

According to the ancient belief, if these three places in a house are empty, it is certain that future generations will be poor and suffer.


The living space is the most important place for everyone, it is a place to go, a place to gather with family, a place where people grow up and live. According to feng shui, the house, from its structure, design, arrangement, and orientation, all affect the fortune of a family and the future generation. A prosperous and wealthy family will have a different looking house, while a poor and difficult family will have a different looking house. Even a poor family can see the future when everything is properly arranged. Therefore, if the following three empty spaces are violated in the house, it will be difficult for the future generations to be wealthy and successful in their business:

An empty and poor living room forever

The living room, according to feng shui, is the most important place to attract wealth. In the living room, there is the wealth corner of the family, so how the living room looks reflects the wealth of the family. The living room is also the place where guests, friends, and business partners observe and understand a family. It is also the gathering place for the family. Therefore, the living room is extremely important in a house.

The arrangement of furniture in the living room reflects prosperity and wealth. The living room should not be cluttered with too many things, as it will cover up the wealth corner. But if the living room is empty and cold, it shows poor fortune, unsuccessful business, a family struggling and lacking all year round, the children and grandchildren not having enough money, and the family being impoverished and declining.

Therefore, the living room should have a sofa, enough seating, a cabinet, and a convenient coffee table for entertaining guests. According to communication, if the living room is too empty, guests will feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, the living room should have furniture, a warm tea and water set, and should have a feng shui plant that attracts wealth and creates positive energy in the room. The living room should have lights, but the chandelier should not be too big for the space. In the living room, you can place some feng shui items that attract wealth in the wealth corner to help the family prosper.

An empty and cold study room signifies a thin career like paper

Knowledge is valuable, it is the path to sustainable wealth. No matter what era it is, knowledge is always respected. It is the foundation for the development of a family. Therefore, if the study corner or study room, the workspace of a family, is empty and lacking in books and study materials, it shows that the family does not value knowledge, and the children and grandchildren have superficial learning.

The study room needs to be quiet, with a bright location, spacious and well-ventilated, and should have books and study materials. The study room should also avoid being close to the kitchen, toilet, places where negative energy is likely to occur, or places that can cause a loss of focus, such as under the staircase or in a busy hallway. The study room, the study corner, the workspace should have paper, pens, books, and study materials, not empty, to show the desire for learning. Of course, it should not be neglected and filled with cobwebs and dust, but truly used. When entering a house and seeing a love for knowledge and books, there is already sympathy, and the god of wealth also wants to visit. In every wealthy family, the bookcase and the workspace are always emphasized, and they value knowledge and learning. This room always has visitors, it is not just for show, only then it is effective. Diligently studying, diligently reading books, is the path to become knowledgeable, successful in business, and prosperous, with the blessing of the god of wealth.

An empty and desolate kitchen forever lacks food

The kitchen is the place to nourish the family, it is the storage place of the family’s wealth. In the old days, everything valuable was in the kitchen. Therefore, looking at the kitchen can tell if a family is rich or poor. An empty and desolate kitchen without rice, without salt and fish sauce, shows that the family is poor. In modern times, the kitchen has changed, many families eat outside. However, the kitchen still needs to have fire, a regular warm fire even if the cooking is simple. The kitchen should have enough cooking utensils, seasonings like fish sauce and salt, rice, and cereals. Especially, the rice and fish sauce container is the most important place in the kitchen and should not be empty.

The kitchen also needs a reasonable layout to avoid a lack of utensils such as knives, cutting boards, pots, pans, but the knives should be stored in a cabinet and not hung on the wall to avoid bad energy. The kitchen should also pay attention to not having unfavorable directions such as southwest or northwest. There should be a harmonious combination of the Water and Fire elements in the kitchen, and objects with these elements should not be placed too close to each other. For example, the cooking area should not be placed too close to the sink, refrigerator, etc. The kitchen needs to be clean to ensure hygiene and to invite the god of wealth.

Feng shui in the house has many other things to consider, but these three positions should be prioritized for decoration. Please pay attention to them.

(*) The information in the article is for reference only!

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