What is a Good iPhone Battery Health? A Detailed Guide to Checking if Your iPhone Battery is Healthy

How long does an iPhone battery last, what causes the iPhone battery to drain faster, etc. are issues that receive a lot of attention from our readers. To find out how good your iPhone battery is, how to check the iPhone battery, FPT Shop invites you to follow the article below.


What is a good iPhone battery health? How much battery life iPhone left can really affect whether the iPhone will have a poor battery life and how quickly the battery will run out. In today’s article, FPT Shop invites you to find out how good an iPhone battery is and how to check the iPhone battery status very simply

Why does the iPhone battery drain quickly?

Before finding out how good the iPhone battery is, you also need to know the reason why the iPhone battery quickly degrades and runs out of battery faster. No one wants their iPhone battery to degrade, however, due to usage habits and many other factors, it is difficult to avoid the iPhone battery degrading after a period of use. This causes the battery to have a shorter lifespan, the battery capacity to decrease and the user experience to be more or less affected.

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To know how good the iPhone battery is, identifying the factors that cause the iPhone battery to degrade is the most effective way for you to keep the battery from degrading for longer. There are many factors that contribute to iPhone battery degradation, the most common of which are:

  • Using the phone while charging.
  • Unplugging the iPhone charger when the battery is not full.
  • Charging the iPhone battery when the device is dead and turned off.
  • Using non-genuine battery or charging cable.
  • Not closing running apps in the background, leading to battery drain.

How good is the iPhone battery?

When it comes to the issue of iPhone battery degradation, the first thing many people are interested in is how good the iPhone battery is. In fact, the iPhone battery can be affected by many different factors such as usage time, frequency of use, number of charges, environmental temperature, etc. So how do you determine how good the iPhone battery is?

A very simple way to check how good the iPhone battery is is to look at the battery life left on the device. According to Apple, the optimal battery capacity for iPhones is between 60% and 100%. This also shows that when the iPhone battery capacity drops below this range, the iPhone will be interrupted and the battery will run out faster. Conversely, when the battery is within this range, your phone will still be working well, stable and efficient.

However, if the iPhone battery capacity drops below 40%, you will gradually notice that your phone is showing signs of decreased performance, frequently turning off automatically or running out of battery very quickly even though it was fully charged not long ago. These are all signs that the iPhone battery is degraded and needs to be replaced to ensure the best experience when using the phone.

In addition, when it comes to the issue of how good the iPhone battery is, technical experts also said that users can track information about the iPhone battery status under Settings > select Battery > select Battery Status. At this time, you will see an index called Maximum Battery Capacity, which is the percentage of battery that the iPhone can use compared to 100% when it was new.

Apple also added that when this number drops below 80%, it is better for users to replace the battery on their iPhone to ensure the best experience on their phone.

How to check battery health on iPhone

To know how good the iPhone battery is, you need to perform the check according to the instructions below.

Step 1: Find and access the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to find and select Battery.

Step 2: Select the Battery Health & Charging option. At this time, you need to pay attention to the Maximum Capacity section to know if your phone’s battery is still good or not, specifically at what level the battery is.

In addition to the method of checking iPhone battery health described above, you can also check in other ways, such as observing the remaining battery percentage on the iPhone or using the Battery Life app to check.

Observe the remaining battery percentage on the iPhone

For this method, you can look at the top right corner of the screen to see the remaining battery percentage of the iPhone. If you see that the battery is still high and the battery drain is not fast when in use, then your phone’s battery is still quite good and there is no need to replace the battery.

However, if you notice that the battery drains quickly even when not using the phone or overheating, then it is highly likely that your phone’s battery is degraded and needs to be checked, to determine the level of degradation and whether or not to replace the battery.

Use the Battery Life app to check iPhone battery

Another way for you to check how good the iPhone battery is is to use the Battery Life app. This is a free app that you can download and use easily by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Download the Battery Life app to your phone and open the app, then select Battery Information.

Step 2: Select the Battery Capacity option and follow the app’s instructions.

Step 3: The iPhone battery status result will be displayed on the screen in specific and easy-to-understand parameters.

How to minimize iPhone battery drain?

To maintain a stable battery capacity on the iPhone, minimize battery degradation, fast battery drain, etc., you can refer to small tips such as:

  • Adjust the brightness of the iPhone screen to suit the light intensity of the surrounding environment, avoid setting the light too high or too low, which is not good for the battery and eyesight.
  • Update the latest operating system for iPhone to make the most of battery saving features.
  • Turn off the background app refresh feature when not needed to minimize battery consumption.
  • Regularly check the iPhone battery status so you can replace the battery at the right time.
  • It is better to remove unused or background apps that consume battery power, causing the battery to degrade faster.

Frequently asked questions

A good iPhone battery health percentage is typically above 80%. Battery health refers to the maximum capacity of your iPhone’s battery compared to when it was new. Over time, as the battery ages and degrades, its maximum capacity decreases, which can affect performance and usage time.

You can check your iPhone battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Here, you’ll see the Maximum Capacity percentage, which indicates the current maximum capacity of your battery relative to when it was new. You’ll also see a Peak Performance Capability section, which indicates whether your battery is supporting normal peak performance demand.

A low iPhone battery health percentage, typically below 80%, indicates that your battery has degraded and its maximum capacity has decreased. This can result in shorter usage time and potentially affect the performance of your device. You may need to consider replacing your battery if it falls below this threshold and you’re experiencing significant issues.

To improve your iPhone battery health and maximize its lifespan, there are several practices you can follow: Maintain a moderate temperature for your device, avoid extreme heat or cold; Use Apple-recommended chargers and cables, as third-party options may not work optimally; Avoid letting your iPhone battery drain to 0% frequently, and recharge it when it drops below 50%; Avoid exposing your device to full charge cycles too often, as this can put additional strain on the battery.

Replacing your iPhone battery with a new genuine Apple battery can significantly improve its health and restore its maximum capacity back to 100%. This can lead to longer usage times and improved performance. It’s recommended to get battery replacements from authorized service providers or Apple Stores to ensure quality and compatibility.
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