Whether male or female, these 5 birthmarks make you rich and prosperous for life

According to the perspective of moleology, individuals with one of the following five moles possess abundant fortune and enjoy the blessings bestowed by heaven.


The Hidden Mole in the Eyebrow

According to physiognomy, a mole in the eyebrow symbolizes a hidden gem. People with this mole often lead a prosperous and lucky life.

In general, individuals with a mole in the eyebrow are intelligent, quick-witted, and skilled in dealing with others. They always receive help from others when facing difficulties. The financial resources of these individuals continuously increase, and their career expands over the years.

Note that the mole in the eyebrow should be hidden and not exposed. If the mole is too conspicuous, the fortune may easily flow away, and prosperity may not last.


The Mole on the Sole of the Foot

In physiognomy, a mole on the foot is considered a good and auspicious mole. People with this mole have a smooth and comfortable life.

Typically, individuals with this mole have a noble destiny. If they are men, they achieve good accomplishments in their career; if they are women, they bring prosperity to their husband and children.

People with a mole on the sole of their foot often achieve desired fame, have a successful career, and accumulate wealth and fortune.

However, if the mole is located on the instep of the foot, the individuals may lead a busy life but struggle to achieve significant success and find it difficult to earn money.

The Mole on the Buttocks

Individuals with a mole in this particular position lead a harmonious life. They have broad, determined, and courageous minds. They possess leadership skills and succeed in business. Women with this mole are lucky and bring luck to their husband and children.

The mole on the buttocks also reflects that the owner has good physical health and rarely encounters health problems. They have great blessings.

The Mole on the Tip of the Nose

According to physiognomy, the nose represents wealth and fortune. Individuals with an auspicious mole on the tip of their nose enjoy favorable luck, abundant income, and a flourishing career.

The more rounded the nose, the more wealth and material possessions they accumulate, leading a smooth life.


The Mole on the Lips

Individuals with an auspicious mole on their lips often have innate prosperity, and they don’t have to worry about their basic needs.

These individuals have the fortune of their ancestors, so their careers develop smoothly. They also have good communication skills and can earn money from various sources.

The information provided is for reference and contemplation purposes.

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