Why did our ancestors say “don’t catch the bird that comes to you, don’t eat the fish that jumps onto the shore”? Mistakes will lead to disaster

Over the years, our ancestors have passed down many natural phenomena that they have observed and taught us valuable lessons. So, we should not rush to contradict the wisdom of our elders and risk bringing upon ourselves bad luck.


In ancient times, even though life was hard and impoverished, there were some “meals that were not eaten”. One of those phenomena is that flying fish birds, that is, birds that can fly to the house but cannot catch them, fish that can jump to the shore but not eat.

This phenomenon suddenly occurs naturally in the yard, the gate of the house, the garden, the balcony, inside the house there are birds flying down, weak, or in the rainy season, water suddenly floods somewhere into the yard, or when going to the beach, fish jump in front of them, fish jump onto boats. If following the method of catching and finding food, those are convenient meals without much effort. But from a spiritual point of view, our ancestors never used those birds, fish but quickly bred their children and released them back to nature.


Why should flying fish birds not be used?

According to the experience of the ancients, it is an omen of bad luck, an ominous omen. Birds flying to the place, fish jumping to the shore are unusual natural phenomena. Because usually birds fly in the sky and fish swim in the water and they are intelligent animals that will stay away from humans, away from danger. Therefore, if suddenly birds fly down and fish jump onto the shore, many people often consider it unusual, a sign of impending misfortune. Surely there is some hidden change in nature where your house is living.


However, this can also be a normal phenomenon that occurs when birds, fish accidentally encounter accidents, get lost from the flock. Birds may be injured because they were shot but missed, and fish may jump hard because they are fleeing from electric shocks. But it could also be because someone released them and they happened to be in distress. Because bought birds and fish are usually weak, so after being released they cannot adapt normally, so they become sick and disorderly. Especially on the 7th lunar month, at the end of the year, the phenomenon of flying fish birds is very common because other people release them.

Therefore, no matter what the case, you should not eat these types of birds, fish, because they are no longer food.

In figurative life, the phrase “flying fish birds” is also very meaningful. Birds flying to the house, fish jumping to the shore also means that things we don’t do ourselves suddenly fall into the house. Those things need to be careful, because someone may set a trap to make us open our mouths or they may be someone else’s property accidentally dropped in our house. So don’t covet what is not yours and have a day of disaster and waste of blessings. Using unclear assets can cause harm.

Therefore, in both the literal and figurative sense, we should avoid flying fish birds.


How to resolve the phenomenon of flying fish birds

According to feng shui and folk beliefs, when encountering the phenomenon of flying fish birds, i.e. birds flying to the place, fish jumping to the shore, it is an unusual ominous sign that needs to be careful. In this situation, it is best to release them back to nature so that they can live on or follow their destiny, and we should not interfere. When encountering this phenomenon, the sooner we release them, the better.

Releasing is a virtuous deed, creating blessings for the homeowner. Moreover, when we attack someone who is in trouble, it has no positive meaning in both life, spiritual and social. When releasing, you can also follow the words of the elderly: “Good luck stays, bad luck goes away”.

From a figurative point of view, when encountering the phenomenon of flying fish birds, it means that suddenly a profit, money, or someone’s assets fall into our house, handle it carefully, don’t be greedy because it is not yours. What is not made by you that easily falls into your hands will usually have to pay a price later. It may be money that is not clean, money that a thief who is running away may hide in your house, money that someone accidentally drops. So try to return it or report it to the police, especially when the value of the property is high, to avoid causing harm and criminality.

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