Why many people avoid lighting rose incense? Expert recommends remembering this carefully to avoid bad luck.

Roses are a popular flower in Vietnam and are often sold during the full moon festival, but many people are hesitant to light incense.


On full moon days, if you go to the flower market, you will see many roses being sold along with other types of incense flowers. The difference between incense roses and roses placed on the table is the structure of the leaves and the number of petals. In addition to lighting incense flowers, such as chrysanthemums and lilies, many people also choose roses for their good luck and beautiful colors.

However, many people avoid lighting incense roses for the following reasons:

Many thorns are not suitable for feng shui

From a feng shui perspective, sharp objects such as swords and thorns carry negative energy, especially in places of worship. Most roses have sharp thorns and many thorns on their stems. Therefore, many people believe that worshiping roses carelessly will create negative energy that harms the souls of ancestors. So when buying roses, they need to carefully remove the thorns and long prickles before placing them in a vase.

Roses require a lot of fertilizers

Roses are beautiful flowers, but they require a lot of fertilizer, especially chicken manure, and they can be stimulated with chemicals to produce more shoots and buds for sale as incense flowers. As a result, roses also absorb a lot of bad energy, so when lighting incense, they may not be clean. Therefore, when lighting incense with roses, pay attention to trimming the leaves and clean the leaves if they are stained with a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer.

Notes for lighting incense with roses

For the above reasons, some people avoid lighting incense with roses, but many people still use this type of flower. Roses are also common flowers, beautiful, vibrant in color, and have good names and meanings.

In contrast, offering flowers represents good wishes and beautiful things. Offering flowers reflects the sincerity of the homeowner, offering kindness, beauty, expressing gratitude to worship the Buddha and ancestors, even if the value is not much. Offering flowers to ancestors is a wish for good luck and prosperity. Offering flowers to the spiritual beings is a prayer for prosperity and fortune. In addition, offering flowers also represents an aesthetic aspect on the altar. Therefore, offering flowers is an indispensable spiritual item in worship.

Therefore, although roses have a high aesthetic value, when lighting incense with roses, pay attention to the following to avoid feng shui damage:

– If roses have thorns, remove the thorns before placing them in a vase.

– Pay attention to trimming or cleaning the rose leaves if they are dirty.

– When choosing roses for lighting incense, choose red roses or those with a single color, avoid choosing roses with many colors that are not solemn when lighting incense.

– Like many other types of flowers, when lighting incense, it is best to choose an odd number of branches or flowers to signify luck, prosperity, and growth. However, do not put a vase that is too large and overshadow other offerings on the altar. The flower vase should be proportional to the size of the altar.

– Choose branches with buds and leaves that symbolize wealth. Choose rosebuds, not fully bloomed flowers, for lighting incense.

– Roses wither quickly, so when lighting incense, pay attention to changing the water, avoid letting the roses wither or the flower vase have stale water on the altar.

This information is for reference and personal interpretation.

Frequently asked questions

Incense roses differ from regular roses in the structure of their leaves and the number of petals they have. Incense roses are often chosen for their good luck and beautiful colors, while regular roses may be used for different purposes, such as decoration or gifts.

From a feng shui perspective, roses are believed to carry negative energy due to their sharp thorns. Many people think that worshiping roses without removing the thorns will create negative energy that could harm the souls of ancestors. Additionally, roses require a lot of fertilizer, including chicken manure, which may result in the absorption of bad energy. As a result, some people choose to avoid using roses for incense altogether.

Chrysanthemums and lilies are popular alternatives to roses when it comes to lighting incense flowers. These flowers are also beautiful and carry positive meanings. However, it’s important to consider the number of branches or flowers and the size of the vase in proportion to the altar when choosing any type of flower for incense.

To avoid any potential feng shui issues when using roses for incense, it is recommended to remove the thorns before placing them in a vase. Trim or clean the leaves if they are dirty, and choose roses with a single color, preferably red, for a more solemn appearance. Select roses with buds and leaves that symbolize wealth, and change the water regularly to keep the roses fresh and avoid stale water on the altar.
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