Why You Should Put a Garlic Clove Under Your Pillow When Sleeping: Amazing Benefits Everyone Should Know

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Why put garlic under your pillow when sleeping has many benefits?

Boosts immunity: In traditional medicine, garlic is a medicinal herb that has antibacterial properties and enhances the immune system in humans. Especially in winter, garlic helps strengthen your body’s immune system, preventing colds effectively.

Improves sleep quality: Especially, the components of garlic help improve blood circulation, making it easier for you to sleep better, reduce body aches effectively, and stabilize blood pressure. At the same time, the aroma of garlic helps kill bacteria, limit air pollution, and create conditions for better sleep.

Additionally, allicin and sulfur in garlic also have the effect of soothing and quickly putting you into deep sleep. It may seem hard to believe because garlic has a strong smell, but many people have tried and proven that it is true. In addition, garlic also helps reduce the activity of nerve cells in the brain and central nervous system, helping to relax and reduce stress effectively, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.

Put a bulb of garlic under your pillow

Repels mosquitoes and insects: According to scientific studies, the strong pungent smell of garlic repels harmful insects, especially flies and mosquitoes. The aroma in garlic causes these types of insects to lose their direction and prevent them from entering the house. Besides placing garlic under the pillow, another way to avoid mosquito bites is to apply a little garlic water to exposed skin at night.

Why should you put garlic under your pillow when sleeping

Things to note when putting garlic under your pillow before sleeping

When you want to put garlic under your pillow whether sleeping or eating raw garlic or drinking garlic wine, you should not abuse it too much. You should not consume more than 10g of garlic per day. Because it will cause gas damage, counterproductive, and not good for health. Specifically, it is easy to cause gas loss and blood dilution.

When eating raw garlic, you should crush it because the essential oils in garlic will break and be absorbed better. In addition, you should let the garlic sit in the air for about 10 – 15 minutes before eating or processing to completely release Allicin. When putting garlic under your pillow, you should not use a too thick pillow because it may reduce the effect of garlic.

If you decide to put garlic under your pillow, you should choose fresh garlic, which will have a good effect on your health and repel insects, and improve your sleep quality.

Frequently asked questions

Garlic contains components that improve blood circulation, reduce body aches, and stabilize blood pressure, all of which contribute to better sleep quality. The aroma of garlic also helps create a more conducive environment for sleep by killing bacteria and limiting air pollution. Additionally, the allicin and sulfur in garlic have a soothing effect, promoting quick entry into deep sleep.

Yes, garlic is effective in repelling mosquitoes and insects. Scientific studies show that the strong pungent smell of garlic confuses and repels flies and mosquitoes, preventing them from entering your space.

Yes, it is important not to overuse garlic. Consuming or exposing yourself to excessive garlic can be counterproductive. Limit your daily garlic intake to no more than 10g. When eating raw garlic, crush it first to release the essential oils for better absorption. Let the crushed garlic sit in the air for 10-15 minutes before consumption or processing to fully release allicin. Additionally, avoid using a thick pillow as it may reduce garlic’s effects. Always choose fresh garlic for the best results and health benefits.