10 Easy Ways to Amaze Yourself in the Kitchen

Are you struggling with the pungent odor of onions and garlic in your kitchen? Do you find yourself dealing with boiled eggs or cracked shells and cooked or salty soup? Don't worry, there are solutions to all of these problems. Read on to discover some helpful kitchen tips to get the job done.


Cooking is not a simple job as many people think. Even small and trivial tasks in the kitchen can sometimes leave you puzzled. Understanding the concerns of modern housewives, DienmayXANH.com is here to provide you with 10 incredibly simple tips to make your kitchen work more enjoyable.

Deodorizing Onion Smell on Hands

Onions and garlic are very good spices to smell on hands
Onion is a spice that we use every day to add flavor to soups and stews. However, when you handle onions, the smell tends to stick to your hands, which can be quite unpleasant. To get rid of this smell, simply rub your hands on a stainless steel spoon for about 30 seconds and then rinse with water. Stainless steel is known to absorb odors very effectively. Alternatively, if you have fresh coffee beans, they can also be used to absorb odors from your hands.

Seasoned Soup with Too Much Salt

In case you accidentally put too much salt in your soup, there’s no need to panic and conclude that your soup is ruined. You can easily fix it by dropping a piece of potato into the pot. The potato will absorb the excess salt and balance the flavor of your soup.

Boiled Eggs without Cracks

Boiled eggs won't crack with a little salt
To prevent boiled eggs from cracking while cooking, simply add a little salt to the boiling water. This trick will help you achieve perfectly boiled eggs without any cracks.

Preserving Mango, Banana, and Pineapple

When buying fruits such as bananas, pineapples, and ripe mangoes, it’s best not to store them for too long in the refrigerator. The low temperature can cause these fruits to ripen quickly and become waterlogged.

Cleaning Cast Iron Pans

Do not clean cast iron pans with detergents
When cleaning a cast iron pan, avoid using detergents or scrubbing it vigorously. This can damage the surface of the pan. Instead, use a clean paper towel to rub salt onto the pan and then rinse it with water. This will effectively clean the pan without causing any damage.

Reducing Spiciness of Thai Chili

If you don’t have gloves while cutting Thai chili and want to prevent the spicy oils from getting on your hands, simply apply a little cooking oil on your hands before cutting the chili. This will create a barrier and prevent the chili’s spiciness from being absorbed by your skin.

Perfect Popcorn

Popcorn is a children's favorite food
To make your popcorn cook faster and turn out more spongy, soak the corn kernels in water for about 10 minutes before cooking them. This will ensure that your popcorn is deliciously fluffy and ready to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Distinguishing between Fresh and Non-Fresh Eggs

If you have a bunch of eggs in your fridge and you’re unsure if they are fresh, you can easily test their freshness. Fill a pot with about 10cm of water and place the eggs in it. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, while eggs that are no longer fresh will float to the top. It’s best to consume the eggs that are no longer fresh first.

Removing Stains from Tea and Coffee

Porcelain cups are often stained by tea and coffee
Tea and coffee stains can be quite stubborn and leave unsightly marks on porcelain cups. To remove these stains easily, make a mixture using baking soda, lemon juice, and cream of tartar. Apply the mixture to the stains and scrub gently to restore your cups to their original cleanliness.

Preserving Leftover Bread

If you have leftover bread that you want to preserve and prevent from becoming dry and unpleasant, place a sprig of fresh celery in the bag with the bread and seal it. The celery will help restore the flavor and texture of the bread, ensuring that it remains moist and enjoyable.

If you have any more kitchen hacks, please don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments section below!

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