10 Professional Tips for Making Delicious Mooncakes

Making Mooncakes can seem daunting, especially for the novice baker. If proper baking temperature, timing and dough resting techniques are employed, however, one can easily produce a delicious, beautiful pastry with minimal risk of unpleasant results.


Common Issues with Baked Mid-Autumn Cakes

There are several factors that can lead to various problems with baked Mid-Autumn cakes:

  • Overbaking or baking at too high of a temperature can result in a dry and hard cake.
  • Insufficient oil or failure to properly absorb the oil in the filling can also cause dryness and hardness.
  • If only the crust is hard, it may be due to a thick sugar syrup.

For better results, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Bake each 200-250g cake three times for 7 minutes at 200-220 degrees Celsius.
  • Use at least 1 tablespoon of oil per 250g Mid-Autumn cake to ensure proper oil penetration.
  • Pay attention to the consistency of the sugar syrup when spreading it on the cake. It should be smooth and not too thick or able to form threads.

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Notes when making baked Mid-Autumn cakes

Dealing with a Wet Cake

If the baked Mid-Autumn cake is too wet, it could be due to sticky sugar syrup or excessive water spraying between baking sessions.

Make sure to use fully dissolved sugar syrup and apply thin layers of water during baking to avoid excessive moisture.

Notes when making baked Mid-Autumn cakes

Preventing Cracked Cakes

A cracked cake loses its aesthetic appeal and can be caused by dry kneading or insufficient resting time for the dough to rise. It may also result from inadequate draining of oil or egg when spreading the dough.

Ensure the dough is not too dry, allow it to rest properly, and utilize a specialized brush for oil and egg spreading.

Notes when making baked Mid-Autumn cakes

Improving Cake Color

An unpleasant color in the baked cake could be due to the sugar syrup or undercooking.

To enhance the color, prepare the sugar syrup 1-2 months in advance and add vegetable color or Chinese ash powder when spreading the sugar on the cake.

Notes when making baked Mid-Autumn cakes

With this information, you can successfully make Mid-Autumn cakes for your family during the upcoming season. Best of luck!