20 Easy and Delicious Daily Meal Ideas to Stop the “What’s for Dinner?” Headache, Enjoyed by the Whole Family

Below are 20 daily 3-4 course meal ideas to ensure nutrition and relieve homemakers from the headache of thinking about dishes.


Every day, what to eat is a headache for many housewives. How to have enough salty soups, full of nutrients, without being overwhelmed, and also make the family delicious.

Sometimes standing at the market, you don’t know what to buy, going into the kitchen not knowing what to cook to avoid being bored. So, let’s refer to these 20 daily meals, then you can swap the dishes in this meal to create many variations for a diverse family meal:

Meal number 1: Consists of the following dishes

– Sour soup cooked with beef to prevent fatigue and provide nutrients

– Vietnamese gourd soup, refreshing and cooling

– Boiled pork trotters, adding more nutrients

– Stir-fried cowpeas with beef


Meal number 2: Consists of the following dishes

– Boiled morning glory served with garlic chili sauce

– Fried squid with eggs, rich in protein

– Steamed prawns with bitter gourd, refreshing and high in protein

– Deep-fried battered shrimps for young children


Daily Meal 3

– Stir-fried morning glory with garlic and beef (or pork depending on taste)

– Duck stewed with sour soup and taro

– Boiled tofu to prevent fatigue


Meal number 4

– Braised pork ribs with orange sauce, loved by children

– Stir-fried pumpkin with spring onions for those who consume less meat

– Sweet pumpkin soup

– Fried potatoes for dessert

– Fried eggs


Meal number 5

– Smoked pork ham

– Deep-fried chicken thighs with butter, served with raw vegetables

– Bitter melon soup with prawns, refreshing

– Boiled cabbage, high in fiber


Daily Meal 6

– Stir-fried balsam flowers with garlic

– Soup cooked with mustard greens and meat (or pork depending on taste)

– Deep-fried tofu, crispy, and served with fish sauce

– Steamed squid


Meal number 7

– Rolled pork belly with vegetables

– Fried rolled eggs

– Stir-fried su su (vegetable) with garlic

– Soup cooked with pigs’ feet and bamboo shoots


Meal number 8

– Pickled vegetables cooked with beef 

– Pickled cucumbers for dessert

– Deep-fried shrimp with lemongrass and chili

– Boiled morning glory with sour soup or lime juice

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Meal number 9

– Shrimp wrapped in fried potatoes

– Fried tofu

– Boiled morning glory

– Stir-fried pickled vegetables


Meal number 10

– Fried eggs

– Boiled morning glory

– Braised carp with pickles

– Boiled pumpkin


Meal number 11

– Shrimp fried with lemongrass and chili, served with salted lime and pepper

– Stir-fried vegetables with garlic and sesame or salt

– Soup cooked with potatoes and cabbage

– Beef stir-fried with mixed vegetables


Meal number 12

– Boiled cabbage

– Baked carp

– Boiled pumpkin

– Steamed beef with lemongrass


Meal number 13

– Shrimp stir-fried with chili and lemongrass, served with salted lime and pepper

– Mixed vegetables and meat soup

– Quail fried until crispy

– Corn fried


Meal number 14

– Pork bung sautée with garlic leeks

– Boiled morning glory

– Quail marinated in five spices and fried

– Pickled eggplant

– Fresh fruits for dessert


Meal number 15

– Soup cooked with pumpkin and bones

– Boiled pork ribs, served with chili and salt

– Fried wax gourd with garlic

– Pickled mustard greens and pickled cucumbers as side dishes


Meal 16

– Fried eggs with mushrooms

– Stir-fried bok choy with garlic

– Minced meat in tomato sauce

– Mango for dessert

– Orange juice


Meal 17

– Kebab

– Stir-fried cabbage with tomato sauce

– Sour soup cooked with pigs’ feet

– Braised beef with potatoes and carrots


Meal number 18

– Soup cooked with coriander and basil leaves

– Stir-fried bok choy with garlic

– Pork belly stir-fried with tofu and tomatoes


Meal number 19

– Boiled meat, served with chili and lime dip

– Soup cooked with ngot leaves, with prawns or meat

– Fried fish paste rolls with spring onions

– Stir-fried yardlong beans


Meal 20

– Soup cooked with bí squash

– Deep-fried crispy potatoes with sauce

– Boiled meat, served with chili dip