3 Must-Do’s and 2 Must-Avoid’s Rule for Parents to Empower Daughters, Foster Positive Traits, and Live Happier Lives

The upbringing of an individual is largely influenced by their family. What parents pass on to their children, the children will develop accordingly. This applies to the upbringing of daughters as well. Daughters are inherently more delicate and have a different psychological nature compared to males, so parents need to pay more attention to them.


If you have one or two daughters in your family, there are a few things you should teach them:

Parents SHOULD say these 3 things to their daughters:

1. A woman’s beauty is not just about appearance
A good-looking girl who knows how to present herself easily attracts attention in a crowd. The downside is that it can boost confidence and satisfy the natural “superficial” side of her.

Tell your child that taking care of her appearance is good, but inner beauty is even more important. It’s about kindness, generosity, knowledge, an optimistic and positive spirit.

Guide her to take care of herself through healthy eating habits, engaging in beneficial activities, and getting enough sleep. Encourage your daughter to eat 3 main meals and 2 healthy snacks, consume 5 types of fruits and vegetables daily, and limit sugary drinks. Personal hygiene is also crucial.

A woman’s beauty is not just about appearance. (Illustrative photo)

2. Read a lot of books
Reading books may not change one’s destiny, but it will definitely change one’s character. A modern girl should be guided by her parents to appreciate the world and the fragrance of books from a young age. Haven’t we heard a saying like that before? The best fashion for a girl is a book. A truly “rooted” girl in the world of books and feeling that books are her closest friends will radiate a beauty that attracts everyone.

3. Not everyone has the obligation to treat you well
Parents need to teach their children that not everyone in this world will smile at them. Some people are never friendly, so why not stay away from them? Be closer to those who embrace your child, but she also needs to be alert and smart enough to distinguish between “lip service” and genuine kindness.

Parents need to cultivate these 2 things in their daughters from a young age

1. Courage knows no gender
There was a twelve-year-old girl who, one day after school, told her mother: “Mom, I hit a classmate.” It turns out that the boy wanted to bully her, but she fought back without any compromise in front of dozens of people in the class, leaving the boy shocked.

This small story is not about encouraging girls to learn how to fight, but wants to tell girls that in today’s society, which is developing like a storm, not everyone is your lifesaver. Girls must have courage and strength at the right time.

Scientific researchers have also conducted a survey on gender education for boys and girls. The results show that if we foster courage in girls, we can make them much more successful and happier.

If girls have courage, that is their ‘life-saving charm’. (Illustrative photo)

2. Optimism and enthusiasm
Women are in control of their own destinies, and our daughters can learn this from a young age, as long as parents set an example. This shows that parents must teach their children to live optimistically from a young age, especially for girls who tend to have sensitive emotions. Optimism is crucial in everyone’s life.

Therefore, adults should teach children how to eliminate negative thinking. Instead of worrying when faced with a problem, parents should help their children think about it in a more positive way. Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking, as it brings great benefits to your mental well-being.

Frequently asked questions

Reading books broadens horizons and shapes character. Parents should encourage their daughters to appreciate the world and the joy of reading from a young age. Books can be a girl’s best fashion accessory and a source of wisdom. A girl rooted in the world of books will radiate a unique beauty and attract like-minded people.

Yes. Parents should teach their daughters that not everyone will treat them kindly, and it’s important to be discerning. Encourage them to surround themselves with genuine, supportive people. It’s also crucial to instill courage and the ability to stand up for themselves when necessary.

Courage is a vital trait for anyone, regardless of gender. Scientific research shows that encouraging courage in girls can lead to greater success and happiness. Share stories of brave girls standing up for themselves, and emphasize that they need to be their own lifeguards in today’s world.

Parents must lead by example and teach their daughters to live optimistically from a young age. Help them develop a positive mindset and eliminate negative thinking. Optimism is a crucial life skill that will benefit their mental well-being and overall outlook on life.
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