3 Things Mothers Should Avoid When Teaching Children

Parents working together harmoniously can greatly enhance the effectiveness of child rearing. Therefore, when the father is teaching the child, it's best for the mother to refrain from doing these three things.


Support your child when they are scolded by dad

When you see your child misbehaving and not obeying, many mothers are ready to scold. However, when you see dad doing the same to your child, mom will protect and support your child firmly.

Many people say that children are the heart of a mother. The nature of a mother is to protect her child, but if it is not used correctly, it can have a negative effect. For example, when your child is scolded by dad, the child already knows that they have done something wrong. However, if mom sides with the child while dad is teaching, it not only creates discord between the parents but also confuses the child. Gradually, they may stop listening to their dad’s teachings.

“Adding fuel to the fire” after dad has scolded the child

It is not surprising that children make mistakes, and sometimes it is not a big deal. Dad may have already taught and reminded the child a few things. Everything seemed to be done, but suddenly mom jumps in and starts scolding, adding fuel to the fire, and even revisiting the child’s previous mistakes.

Dad had just calmed down, but now he becomes irritated again and continues to scold and criticize the child. This will make the child feel extremely uncomfortable and start to dislike mom because it is because of mom that they are being scolded by dad again.

Mom being too indifferent when the child is scolded by dad

Many mothers believe that it is best not to intervene when dad is teaching the child. However, not intervening also has a certain extent. If mom is too indifferent and cold, letting dad scold the child excessively, the child will feel very sad and demoralized. At that time, the child will feel that there is no one in the family who truly cares and loves them. The consequences of this can be more serious than mom’s intervention in dad’s teaching.

When dad is disciplining the child, what mom should do is make the child feel loved and let the child know where they went wrong and understand why they are being scolded by dad.

Mom should not blindly spoil the child and should not be too indifferent to the child. The best thing to do is to listen when dad is teaching the child, intervene and reconcile immediately if the atmosphere becomes too tense. In addition, mom should also coordinate with dad to point out to the child where they went wrong. Only then will the child understand the situation and the family relationship will become more harmonious.

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