4 Etiquette Young Children Should Be Taught When Receiving Red Envelopes: Children Praised for Intelligence and Politeness

At the beginning of the new year, young children are often given red envelopes by their elders as a symbol of good luck. Parents with high emotional intelligence teach their children these rituals.


Red envelope is an indispensable traditional custom during the Lunar New Year in East Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. In this ritual, adults put money in red envelopes and give them to children as a wish for luck and prosperity.

This action not only aims to get rid of bad luck, but also as a prayer for peace and abundance. At the same time, children receiving red envelopes also show gratitude and respect, while sending wishes of good health to adults in the new year.

For children, receiving red envelopes is not only a joy, but also an important part of the Tet holiday. To teach children how to behave properly when receiving red envelopes, parents need to guide them to follow four rules about how to receive and thank properly.

Receive red envelopes with both hands

For many young children, receiving red envelopes on New Year’s Eve seems to be an essential right. However, some children may only use one hand to receive the envelope and quickly hide it, which does not reflect well on the culture and social etiquette. The proper method is for parents to teach their children how to receive red envelopes correctly: use both hands and smile to show appreciation and gratitude to the older adults.

Say thank you

When receiving red envelopes, the first thing to do is to instruct children how to express gratitude to adults with sincere words, such as: “Thank you, Uncle/Aunt. I wish you a new year filled with good health and success in all things…”.

For younger children, expressing respect can be simplified, but for older ones, you should teach them how to use more complex wishes, thereby reflecting the meticulous education they have received.

Not only does it help develop good behavior in children, but also expressing gratitude through words when receiving red envelopes brings joy and warmth to adults from the early days of the new year.

Do not open the red envelope in front of the giver

In modern society, with improved living conditions, practicality is becoming more common. Young children may be curious to know the amount of money in the red envelope as soon as they receive it. However, parents need to guide their children that opening the red envelope immediately is not a polite behavior because it can make the giver feel embarrassed, especially if the amount is not as expected.

Do not compare the amount of money in the red envelope with others

Sometimes, after receiving red envelopes, children may quickly open them and compare the amount of money inside with their friends. Statements like “Why do you have 200,000 VND and I only have 100,000 VND?” can unintentionally make the giver feel uneasy. To avoid this affecting the relationship between adults, parents need to educate their children to understand the importance of not comparing the amount of money in the red envelope with others, because each gift carries its own heart and meaning.

Ways to help children manage red envelope money

To guide children in managing red envelope money, parents can apply the following three methods:

– Planned spending: Teach children to plan their expenses and keep track of income and expenses, thereby developing financial management skills and independence.

– Investment and savings: Encourage opening a bank account, teach children how to save and invest, and when the children are old enough, parents can delegate account management to them to learn how to be independent and responsible for personal finances.

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