“5 Things Parents Should Avoid Saying to Their Sons to Prevent Emotional Harm”

It is often believed that raising boys requires stricter discipline compared to girls. However, boys can also be easily hurt if parents frequently utter these words.


“Only be good at mischief”

This is a derogatory phrase, an ineffective way of teaching but is widely applied by many parents.

Instead, parents should focus on encouraging and guiding children to develop positive and creative skills. Show love and care for your children while conveying good values and positive discipline.

“Everything in the future belongs to you”

If parents say this, children may feel that they don’t need to make an effort because everything is already available. It makes children lose motivation to strive and not want to overcome difficulties to achieve success, reducing their motivation and self-confidence.

So instead of letting children know that they already have everything, parents should encourage children to develop confidence and independence. Besides, it is necessary to help children understand the importance of effort and hard work to achieve success in life. By doing so, children will understand the need to make effort and be more positive.

“Look at your friends to see who is better than you”

Comparison can stimulate motivation and competition, but it can also have unwanted consequences for children.

Instead of becoming better through comparison, children may feel inferior to others and gradually lose confidence in themselves. It can also create discord and distance in the relationship between parents and children.

Instead, parents should focus on encouraging children to develop their own skills and talents and convey to them the meaning of effort and hard work in life.

Parents should also listen to and encourage children when they feel insecure. By doing so, children will feel loved and appreciated for their efforts rather than comparing themselves to others.

“Boys shouldn’t cry”

Some parents feel confused when their sons cry a lot and believe that boys should not cry. Like girls, boys also need comfort and support from their parents. If emotions accumulate for too long, children can be negatively influenced and display aggressive behavior to relieve stress. Therefore, when children express their emotions, parents need to listen and respect their feelings instead of blaming or reacting negatively.

“When you go somewhere, don’t come back”

Speaking in this way can create distance and loss of trust between children and parents. Instead of using hurtful, distancing phrases that do not care about the child’s emotions, parents should focus on helping the child understand and correct their mistakes.

Explain to the child why their actions were wrong and how they felt disappointed. But parents should also remind the child that they still love and care for them and are ready to accompany them in fixing the mistake.

By doing so, children can feel support and encouragement from their parents and will develop confidence and maturity.

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