6 Kitchen Essentials to Keep Off Shelves

Are your kitchen shelves cluttered with the following items? Take the time to rearrange them for safety and appearance!


Kitchen shelves are becoming increasingly popular in households due to their convenience and aesthetic appeal. However, arranging items on these shelves can easily result in a messy and unattractive appearance. Let’s explore this issue further.


Avoid storing medicine or functional foods on kitchen shelves. The proximity to the cooking area exposes these items to high temperatures and light, which can affect their quality and efficacy.


2Woven bamboo baskets

Placing woven bamboo baskets can add sophistication and intimacy to your kitchen space. However, avoid placing them directly on kitchen shelves as they can easily accumulate grease and dust. Instead, consider placing them in the dining table area, where they would be more suitable.

Woven bamboo basketsWoven bamboo baskets

3Cooking books

While placing cooking books on kitchen shelves can provide easy access and decoration, they are susceptible to accumulating dust and grease, making them less appealing and comfortable for reading. Consider storing these books in cabinets or other areas far from grease and dust.

Cooking booksCooking books

4Small objects

While kitchen shelves can provide additional space for kitchen utensils, overcrowding them with small objects can create a messy and unattractive appearance. Prioritize placing commonly used objects on the shelves and store small items in cabinets for a tidy and organized look.

Small objectsSmall objects

5Heavy objects

Avoid placing heavy objects on kitchen shelves to prevent accidents and potential damage. Heavy objects can cause shelves to shake and lead to dangerous situations. It’s best to find alternative storage solutions for such items.

Heavy objectsHeavy objects

6Too many items

When arranging items on kitchen shelves, prioritize frequently used items and avoid overcrowding. An excessive number of items can clutter the shelves and diminish the overall aesthetics of the kitchen space. Maintain a balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Too many itemsToo many items

This article highlights items that should not be placed on kitchen shelves. By paying attention to these recommendations and organizing your kitchen shelves effectively, you can ensure a neat and safe environment!