6 Lucky New Year Dishes for Moms to Cook

During Tet, you will find every family having some traditional folk dishes such as boiled chicken, bitter melon soup, braised duck eggs with pork belly, and sticky rice with red gac fruit. Could these be the auspicious dishes that bring luck to the household!?


1. Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken is one of the most popular dishes in all three regions of Vietnam, especially during Tet (Lunar New Year).

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, Vietnamese people offer boiled chicken as an offering to their ancestors and the heavens, to show their respect and to pray for a smooth and prosperous new year.

Depending on the preferences of each family, boiled chicken can be cooked in various ways, such as coconut water boiled chicken, turmeric water boiled chicken, or steamed chicken with ginger and lemongrass.

2. Fish dishes

In Chinese, the pronunciation of the word “fish” is similar to the word “surplus”. Therefore, fish symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and progress.

3. Sticky rice with gac fruit

The plate of sticky rice with gac fruit, with its red and orange color, symbolizes a bright and prosperous new year with abundant wealth and wishes come true. This dish is often seen on the tables of Northern Vietnamese families during Tet.

The sticky rice with gac fruit has a sticky texture of glutinous rice, delicious and creamy taste of coconut milk, combined with a hint of peanuts and mung beans, making it a satisfying dish.

4. Bitter melon soup

As the name suggests, “bitter melon soup” represents leaving behind all the hardships of the previous year and welcoming a new year with more luck and convenience. This dish, especially popular in Southern Vietnam, is essential in Tet meals.

In addition to its symbolism for good luck, bitter melon soup is also a nutritious dish, especially bitter melon stuffed with meat, which has a delicious flavor and helps cool the body during the Tet days. Many families also use bitter melon as an ingredient to cook fish soup or pork rib soup.

5. Braised pork with eggs (“Chinese-style” braised meat)

A pot of braised pork with eggs has a golden yellow color, symbolizing reunion and abundance in the early days of the new year.

Braised pork with eggs, or “Chinese-style” braised meat, is a traditional dish often present during Tet.

Many families, especially in Southern Vietnam, cook a large pot of braised meat to eat gradually, as well as to treat their children and grandchildren when they come to visit. This dish is often served with pickled scallions, pickled bean sprouts, or pickled mustard greens.

6. Round-shaped fruits

Round-shaped fruits symbolize completeness and fullness, perhaps that’s why round fruits are preferred choices during Tet, such as grapefruits, kumquats, watermelons, apples, and kumquats.

Many people believe that eating round and juicy fruits during the New Year will bring happiness, fulfillment, and joy throughout the year.

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