7 Steps to Tasty Fish without a Fishy Odor

If you are looking to make fish dishes that won't have a lingering fishy taste, Dien May GREEN has the recipe that you need! Join us in the kitchen to learn how to cook fish so that you can get the most out of the nutritional value it provides and get all the deliciousness without the fishy flavor.


1. Cleaning the Fish

To ensure the fish is clean, remove the internal organs, scales, and fins. Pay special attention to removing the white vein found on certain fish, as it can contribute to a fishy smell during cooking. For brackish water fish, such as catfish, using kitchen ash or hot water can effectively remove mucus and fishy smells. It is important to note that processed fish should not be stored for more than 48 hours, as the taste may deteriorate.

Remember to clean the inside of the fish to make it less fishy

2. Use Salt Water or Rice Water

To remove the fishy smell, soaking the fish in diluted salt water or rice water for 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water can be effective. Rubbing salt on the fish and rinsing it can also significantly reduce the fishy smell.

Rub salt into the fish to reduce the fishy smell significantly

3. Use Lemon and Vinegar

Lemon and vinegar can effectively eliminate the fishy smell. Mixing cold water and vinegar to wash the fish or diluting lemon juice and soaking the fish for a few minutes can help remove the fishy smell, especially with catfish. It is important not to soak the fish for too long to prevent overcooking the skin.

Lemon has the effect of eliminating the fishy smell of fish effectively

4. White Wine

Using diluted white wine to marinate the fish meat for 2 minutes before drying can help reduce the fishy smell. Adding a little white wine to the steaming water when preparing steamed fish can also help eliminate the fishy smell.

A little diluted white wine will make your fish less fishy and delicious

5. Spices

Using spices like pepper, onion, chili, ginger, and celery can reduce the fishy smell. For a stronger effect, rubbing laksa leaves on the fish can also be effective. Cooking fish with sour ingredients like tamarind or star fruit can significantly reduce the fishy smell. Using fresh cow’s milk to soak the fish before frying can make the fish less fishy and more delicious.

Use fragrant seasoning to make the fish more delicious

It is recommended to enjoy fish dishes while still hot to enhance the taste and avoid the fishy smell when it cools.