8 Surprising Benefits of Cooking with Your Child for a Happier Family and More Successful Children

Getting your child involved in the kitchen is a proven parenting technique that yields successful results. Don't be surprised!


Raising children is not just about teaching them what’s in the books but also about involving them in everyday activities. One of those activities is cooking together. Cooking with children can bring unexpected benefits such as:

Helping children learn various skills

Cooking with parents is a time when children learn skills such as recognizing food, names, and scientific language. When cooking together, parents and children interact more, naming ingredients and utensils. Cooking skills are also important for children as they help them learn self-care and how to take care of others.

Enhancing sensory experiences

When children are in the kitchen, touching different types of food and smelling spices, their sensory skills are developed. They become more sensitive and agile. This enhanced sensory experience also translates into a more refined sense of taste when dining out.

Boosting children’s confidence

Cooking is an essential life skill as it involves taking care of oneself and others. Moreover, cooking can become a child’s strength. Parents can give children ingredients to make a simple dish or dessert. The parents can sit beside them, observe, and encourage them to become professional chefs.

Encouraging children to try new foods, avoiding picky eaters

If children enjoy cooking, they tend to enjoy the food more. When they actively participate in the cooking process, they develop a liking for the dishes and become more enthusiastic about eating them. Therefore, involving children in cooking helps them feel a sense of ownership and enjoy the food.

Building children’s risk management skills

Cooking in the kitchen not only helps children develop fine motor skills but also teaches them how to manage risks, as there are potential dangers in the kitchen. Parents should guide their children about these risks and gradually make them aware. Later on, parents can let children observe their surroundings. Over time, children will learn these skills better.

Enhancing children’s creativity

Cooking with multiple ingredients is truly a fascinating subject. While cooking, children can be creative with various foods. This helps children become more flexible in their thinking and enhances their creativity. As they grow older, children can become even more creative with their own dishes.

Teaching children the habit of saving

Cooking is a great opportunity for children to learn about saving. Parents can teach children how to use water efficiently and cleanly, how to organize tasks to save time and effort, how to avoid wasting food, and more. Learning these habits early on will help children become responsible individuals.

Nurturing family relationships

When parents and children cook together, it strengthens family bonds. Instead of spending time playing electronic devices, cooking together as a family creates stronger connections. The patience and attention in the kitchen also help children understand the value of food and the role their parents play in providing for them. Furthermore, children learn how to take care of their parents.

Especially in today’s busy life, when parents and children have limited time for each other, utilizing cooking time to bond is essential. It not only strengthens family ties but also brings joy to the family and teaches children valuable lessons.

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