9 Delicious Recipes for Making the Best Fried Chicken

Discover the secrets of fried chicken perfection! If you've been dreaming of the perfect fried chicken dish, this is the guide for you. We've compiled our top tips so you can make restaurant-quality fried chicken in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to learn more!


Watch the video guide on how to make delicious fried chicken:

1. Choose the chicken to fry

Choose a type of chicken that has been tested safe for health

To make delicious fried chicken, the chicken selection step is quite important. Depending on each person’s eating habits, you can choose the appropriate type of chicken.

Accordingly, you can choose to buy chicken thigh, chicken breast, or chicken wings to make fried chicken. However, you should choose a reputable place to buy clean chicken that ensures food safety to protect your health.

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2. Marinate the chicken

Marinate the chicken with ingredients before frying

Marinating the chicken is also quite important. You can marinate the chicken with ingredients such as eggs, and the essential coating of crispy flour outside will make the chicken pieces crispier when fried, more attractive color, and not be greasy when eating.

3. Choose cooking oil

Choose a high-temperature resistant cooking oil for frying chicken

To make crispy and delicious fried chicken, you need to choose a type of oil that can withstand high temperatures. Remember to only choose oils that have been tested for quality to use!

And the amount of oil you need to put in the pan when frying should be just enough to cover the chicken pieces evenly. To prevent the fried chicken from being greasy and crispier, you need to heat the oil to a temperature of about 175 degrees Celsius.

4. Tips for making delicious fried chicken

Effective tips to make fried chicken more appealing

  • When the oil reaches the required temperature, you use tongs to place the marinated chicken in the oil pan with the skin side down. You place the chicken pieces along the edges of the oil pan to minimize the splashing of oil.
  • Do not add too much chicken to the frying pan because when you add too many pieces of chicken to the frying pan, the temperature of the oil will decrease, the chicken pieces will absorb more oil, resulting in a greasier taste. At the same time, the surface of the chicken will have limited contact with the oil, so it will not be crispy and delicious.
  • After frying until crispy, you use tongs to remove it and place it on a plate with absorbent paper. This will help your fried chicken drain the oil, not be greasy, but still retain its delicious aroma and irresistible crispy texture.

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Hopefully, with the small tips we have shared, you will be able to enjoy delicious fried chicken while ensuring your health.

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