A Smart and Nutritious Way to Mix Milk with Fruit Juice for Children to Easily Consume, But Turns Out Mothers Regret It

Many people want to entice their children to drink milk by adding fruit juice to enhance the flavor, unaware that these two nutritious items should not be combined.


Milk is a nutritious beverage that helps children supplement protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus…. Most modern parents trust milk for their children’s growth and development.

Fruit juice is also a natural and healthy drink because it is rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Both types of drinks are nutritious. Fruit juice is often sweeter and more fragrant, so many children prefer it. Therefore, many mothers came up with the idea of mixing milk with fruit juice to provide their children with more nutrients and make them enjoy drinking it.

However, the truth is that many children do not like to drink milk, especially powdered milk. Therefore, parents often have to find ways to encourage and persuade their children to drink it.

Mixing milk with fruit juice is a common method used by many parents. But that is a nutritional mistake.

Fruits provide vitamins and minerals to the body, especially vitamin C which enhances the absorption of iron in milk and food, and promotes the body’s blood production, especially in young children.

However, when mixing milk and fruit together, vitamin C and some organic acids in the fruit may combine with casein (a major protein in milk), resulting in clumping. This can cause indigestion and bloating in children. Drinking milk at the same time as eating fruits can also cause such precipitation in the stomach, which is not good for digestion and absorption. Many children with weak digestion will have diarrhea and stomachaches.

Why are there many fruit-flavored milk bottles on the market?

On the market, there are indeed milk bottles with fruit flavors that are easy for children to drink. However, when the production technology is different, even the amount of fresh fruit ingredients may be relatively small, and only artificial fruit flavors are used.

In fact, you can try putting lemon in a glass of fresh milk or soy milk, and you will see precipitation. Whether a child has stomachaches depends on their digestive system. But clearly, that combination is not recommended.

Do not mix milk with rice water

Rice water is also very nutritious, but it should not be mixed with milk for the same reason of nutritional imbalance. Especially for children under 1 year old, this method should be avoided.

Do not mix milk with mineral water

Mineral water contains additional mineral ingredients, so when mixed with milk, it will cause nutritional imbalance. This is not good for children, especially those who consume exclusively milk, as it can be dangerous to their health.

Do not mix milk with vegetable water

There is an old saying that a bowl of vegetable water is equivalent to a bucket of fitness. Vegetable water is also nutritious, but when combined with milk, it can cause nutritional imbalance. This is especially dangerous for children under 6 months old because vegetable water may contain nitrites that can cause poisoning in young children.

Therefore, it is best to mix milk with warm filtered water and avoid mixing milk with other liquids. When drinking milk, it is advisable to wait at least 2 hours after eating fruits.

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