“A Tasty and Chemical-Free Way to Prepare Delicious Chewy Beef Sausage”

Make your own delicious beef sausages at home! With the perfect blend of ingredients and cooking methods, you can now provide your family with delicious, homemade sausages without worry of a preservative overload.


Choosing High-Quality Beef for Delicious Beef Sausage

When it comes to preparing beef sausage, it’s important to select the right ingredients based on your desired cooking method. Below are some helpful tips:

If you plan on boiling or steaming the beef sausage, opt for leg meat or beef tenderloin. These cuts offer thick, chewy, and flavorful meat that adds to the overall taste.

For grilling the beef sausage in a water oven, consider adding a small amount of fatty pork to prevent dryness and enhance the rich flavor. To achieve the best ratio, mix 3 parts beef with 2 parts pork. For example, if you have 300g of beef, you’ll need 200g of pork.

Remember to remove any beef tendons before starting the preparation process.

Choose leg or beef tenderloin when making beef sausage

Achieving the Perfect Beef Sausage

If you’re making steamed or boiled beef sausage, make sure to add 2 teaspoons of cornstarch and 1 teaspoon of baking powder to every 500g of meat. This combination helps to bind the meat together and keep it tender when beaten.

Alternatively, if you plan on grilling the beef sausage, you can use 50g of glutinous rice flour and 1 egg as a substitute for cornstarch and baking powder.

Add cornstarch, baking powder or glutinous rice flour and egg when making beef sausage

Tips for Tender and Delicious Beef Sausage

Here are some essential steps to achieve tender and flavorful beef sausage without the need for additional binders:

For steamed or boiled beef sausage:

  • Thoroughly grind and mix the meat with spices, then put it into a zip bag and freeze in the refrigerator for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Grind the meat again 2-3 times while adding baking powder, cornstarch, and water to enhance tenderness and smoothness.
  • If using a mixer, put the ground meat in the mixer on a low setting for 5 minutes. If a mixer isn’t available, manually mix and beat the meat until it becomes smooth and elastic.

Grind and mix the meat for tender and delicious beef sausage

  • Cut both types of meat into small pieces and finely mince onions and garlic. Mix the eggs with glutinous rice flour and water, ensuring the mixture is not excessively watery to prevent the sausage from becoming soft and puffy on the inside.
  • Combine all the ingredients and spices in a machine and grind them into a paste. Aim for a fine texture to enhance the tenderness of the meat.

Remember that the size of the meat and the ingredients used will affect the overall tenderness. Avoid grinding the meat too many times to retain the necessary level of moisture.

Grind and mix the meat for tender and delicious beef sausage

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