Add an extra ingredient to your stew: no need for sugar, still rich in flavor, and beautifully colored.

Instead of using artificial coloring, you can easily make delicious and visually appealing dishes like caramelized meat or fish with this method. Take matters into your own hands and experience the rich flavors and beautiful colors.



– Coconut water

Beautiful colored water made from coconut water, without bitterness.

Beautiful colored water made from coconut water, without bitterness.

How to make colored water:

– Step 1: Filter fresh coconut water to remove coconut husk and fiber. After extracting the coconut water, it should be cooked immediately as leaving it for too long will make it sour and the colored water will not taste good anymore.


– Step 2: Pour the coconut water into a pot and cook it. When the coconut water is reduced, you can add more coconut water and continue cooking.

– Step 3: When the coconut water has evaporated about half and starts to change color, you can lower the heat. During cooking, you can gently stir with chopsticks to help the colored coconut water evaporate quickly and not burn. You must always stay by the stove during cooking.

– Step 4: At this step, you can repeat again and pour it into a small pot for easy stirring (optional). Observe that the colored water has a sticky texture and brown color, then it is done. The colored coconut water needs to be cooled down before pouring into bottles for gradual use.

Colored water made from coconut water will make braised dishes more delicious and beautiful.

Colored water made from coconut water will make braised dishes more delicious and beautiful.

– Because it is made from pure coconut water, it will have a slightly bitter taste, and when cooked, the dish will have a beautiful reddish-brown color and a fragrant aroma. It is not bitter or has a strong odor like sugar colored water.

It is very simple to store, just cover it tightly and keep it in a dry and cool place for up to 3 years.

Try applying the method of coloring coconut water to enhance the delicious flavor and ensure the health of your family!

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