Add this one ingredient to your fish meat stew for a delicious and aromatic dish

With the following fish recipe, you will have an incredibly delicious dish that is free from the usual fishy taste.


Properly processing fish to remove fishy odors

To have a non-fishy braised fish, this step is extremely important, determining half the success of the dish. If the fish is not properly processed, the fishy odor will not be eliminated, and the dish will not have an appealing flavor.

For freshwater fish, you need to remove the innards, guts, scrape off the black membrane and blood in the fish belly. Rub the whole fish with salt. You can also use rice washing water, ginger wine or lime to clean the fish. All of these ingredients will effectively remove the fishy odor.

For saltwater fish, you should use green tea water. This method will help reduce the fishy odor very well.


– Coconut water

The color water made from coconut water is beautiful in color, not bitter.

How to cook color water:

– Step 1: Filter the fresh coconut water to remove impurities, coconut fibers. After taking out the coconut water from the fruit, it must be cooked immediately. If left for a long time, the coconut water will become sour and the color water will no longer be tasty.

– Step 2: Pour the coconut water into a pan or pot and boil. When the coconut water reduces, you can add more coconut water and continue cooking.

– Step 3: When the coconut water is about half gone and starts to change color, you can reduce the heat. During cooking, you can gently stir the color water with a spoon to quickly evaporate the water without burning it. You must always be next to the fire while cooking.

– Step 4: At this step, you can repeat it again and put it in a small pot for easier stirring (not required). When you see the color water has a smooth texture, brown-winged color, then it is finished. The color water needs to be completely cooled before pouring into bottles for gradual use.

– Because it is made from pure coconut water, the taste will be slightly bitter, the color will be reddish-brown, very beautiful and fragrant after braising. It is not bitter and smelly like sugar color water.

The storage method is very simple, just cover it tightly and store it in a dry and cool place for up to 3 years.

Braised fish with two stoves will be more aromatic and firm

One of the secrets to having fish with all the bones but firm flesh is two-stove braising.

First, you need to braise the fish after adding all the ingredients to the braising pot, let it boil for about 5-10 minutes. Reduce the heat and braise gently for 40 minutes. Season the dish to taste. Then turn off the heat and let the braised fish cool. By doing so, the fish will absorb all the flavors.

When the fish is completely cool, put it on the stove and braise it for a second time, even a third time, with the same method as above.

If the water in the pot is dry, you can add some pre-boiled hot water to continue braising. Absolutely do not use cold water as it will make the braised fish have a fishy taste.

Try using coconut water to enhance the flavor and ensure the health of your whole family!

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