Celebrating Vietnam’s Thanh Minh Holiday with Traditional Cuisine

The annual celebration of T?t Thanh Minh is a time for the Vietnamese people to revere their ancestors. An important part of this holiday are the traditional dishes, such as sticky rice and boiled chicken, which have been enjoyed for generations.


On the occasion of Thanh Minh holiday, families prepare a tray to express gratitude to their ancestors. In this article, we will explore the 7 traditional dishes for Thanh Minh holiday.

1 Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken is a must-have dish in the Thanh Minh tray. It symbolizes a full and prosperous life. A beautifully decorated boiled chicken with finely chopped lemon leaves is essential.

Boiled chickenBoiled chicken

Good chicken, ginger, and spring onion are the main ingredients for this dish. Cleaning the chicken well is important to ensure the taste. Boiling the chicken with ginger and spring onion enhances the aroma and gives the chicken an even golden color.

After cooking, the chicken can be served whole or cut according to preference. However, it is recommended to serve it whole on the tray for ancestor worship, as the beautiful and shiny chicken stands out.

2 Bamboo shoot trotter soup

Bamboo shoot trotter soup is commonly found in the Thanh Minh tray. It is simmered for hours to become tender and flavorful, combining the sweetness of bamboo shoots, the richness of trotters, and the chewiness of tendons.

Bamboo shoot trotter soupBamboo shoot trotter soup

Rinsing the bamboo shoots reduces their bitterness. Cleaning the trotters and simmering them until tender is important. Then, adding the bamboo shoots and seasoning with spices creates a delicious soup.

The tender trotters and fresh crispy bamboo shoots, when eaten with noodles or hot rice, create a satisfying taste for the whole family on Thanh Minh holiday.

3 Vegetarian spring rolls

Vegetarian spring rolls are sweet, crispy, and crunchy, loved by many people in the Thanh Minh tray. They are not only found in the tray but also in daily meals.

Vegetarian spring rollsVegetarian spring rolls

Main ingredients such as carrots, jicama, mushrooms, and tofu blend together to create an unforgettable flavor. Fried vegetarian spring rolls are usually served with lettuce, herbs, and rice vermicelli for a delicious combination.

The sweet, sour, and spicy taste of the fish sauce combined with the fresh taste of bean sprouts and the crispy spring rolls creates a harmonious flavor.

4 Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is a great choice for the Thanh Minh tray if you’re tired of greasy dishes. It is a simple dish that suits many people’s tastes.

Mushroom soupMushroom soup

The way to cook mushroom soup is simple. The main ingredients include mushrooms, lotus seeds, and carrots. Boiling the lotus seeds until tender and then adding the mushrooms and carrots to simmer together creates a sweet and savory taste.

5 Red sticky rice

Red sticky rice is a popular dish in the Thanh Minh tray as the red color symbolizes luck. Cooking red sticky rice is an art that requires a distinctive color and evenly cooked, soft rice.

Red sticky riceRed sticky rice

Red sticky rice is made from glutinous rice mixed with the color of Gac fruit to bring a fragrant and delicious flavor. Arranging the plate of red sticky rice with vibrant colors on the Thanh Minh tray represents the traditional value of the Vietnamese people.

6 Mung bean sticky rice

Mung bean sticky rice is an indispensable dish in the Thanh Minh tray. This delicious sticky rice is not only for Tet holidays but also for daily meals.

Mung bean sticky rice

A plate of soft and fragrant sticky rice made from green beans and glutinous rice can be enjoyed with braised pork belly. This combination is sure to delight the taste buds.

7 Fruits

A fruit tray is essential for decorating the ancestor’s altar on the Thanh Minh holiday. It not only creates a Tet atmosphere but also holds significant spiritual meaning.

Fruit trayFruit tray

According to folklore, the fruit tray consists of five different fruits symbolizing the wishes of the host through their names and arrangement. It is usually displayed on the ancestral altar or on the guest table.

8 What dishes are included in the Thanh Minh tray?

The dishes included in the Thanh Minh tray may vary depending on the family’s conditions or local customs and traditions. However, some important ritual items include main dishes such as sticky rice, boiled chicken, sausages, bamboo shoot trotter soup, glass noodles, and stir-fried dishes. Various fruits, fresh flowers, betel nuts, and areca nuts are also included. Buddhist families prepare vegetarian trays.

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