Cherished Fruits of the Past Cost an Onerous Amount

Once considered an affordable, but often overlooked fruit, avocados are now a highly sought after "superfood" - and it's worth its pricetag! Learn more about the impressive health benefits of avocados and why they've suddenly become so popular.


Na b? is a special fruit in Hai Phong that people in Hanoi are searching to buy at a fairly high price. Today, let’s find out what is special about this fruit that many people are interested in.

1Na b? là gì? Công d?ng c?a qu? na

Na b? là gì?

Na b? is a type of fruit in the same family as bananas, and these two types of fruits have very similar external characteristics. Na b? has a hard, spiky, white and opaque skin, while bananas have a stem that is easily pulled off. Na b? has fewer seeds, larger segments, and is not as sweet as bananas. Na b? is easily crushed and doesn’t have a long shelf life. The flesh of na b? is sweet and refreshing, so it is loved by many people.

Na b?
Na b?

Công d?ng c?a qu? na

Qu? na có th? an s?ng ho?c ch? bi?n thành các món an ngon. Bên c?nh dó, qu? na cung có nhi?u l?i ích t?t cho s?c kh?e c?a ngu?i s? d?ng.

Theo b?n tin S?c kh?e và Ð?i s?ng (Health and Life), qu? na ch?a nhi?u ch?t dinh du?ng nhu: X, Y, Z,… Thêm vào dó, qu? na cung có tác d?ng h? tr? c?i thi?n ch?c nang tim m?ch nh? s? cân b?ng gi?a lipid và cholesterol có trong th?t qu?, nh? vào hàm lu?ng ch?t ch?ng oxy hóa d?i dào mà cung giúp ngan s? tang m? trong máu vô cùng hi?u qu?.

Có nhi?u l?i ích khi an qu? na
Có nhi?u l?i ích khi an qu? na

Vitamin B6 có trong qu? na có tác d?ng lo?i b? s? cang th?ng, làm d?u th?n kinh, trong qu? na cung ch?a nhi?u ch?t xo có l?i cho h? tiêu hóa, giúp d?p da, c?i thi?n s?c kh?e rang mi?ng, gi?m m?t m?i, gi?m tê chân,…

Theo báo cáo c?a B?nh vi?n Ða khoa Qu?c t? Vinmec, trong 100g qu? na ch?a d?n kho?ng 19.2g vitamin C. An nhi?u trái cây giàu Vitamin C s? giúp co th? phát tri?n s?c d? kháng ch?ng l?i các tác nhân gây h?i, ngan ng?a ung thu.

Qu? na cung có nhi?u l?i ích t?t cho s?c kh?e
Qu? na cung có nhi?u l?i ích t?t cho s?c kh?e

2Giá c?a na b? hi?n nay

While bananas are delicious and sweet, their price is only about 25,000 – 45,000 VND/kg, while na b? is much more expensive.

The cheapest price for na b? is about 130,000 VND/kg for small fruits, while for larger fruits (2-3 fruits per kg) it can go up to about 240,000 VND/kg. Currently, the price of na b? is almost as expensive as imported pears.

Hi?n nay na b? giá d?t g?n b?ng v?i trái cây nh?p kh?u
Hi?n nay na b? giá d?t g?n b?ng v?i trái cây nh?p kh?u

We hope that with the above information, you will have a better understanding of na b? fruit, its benefits, and its price. Thank you for following our article.

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