Comparing Benefits of Fresh and Dried Grapes

Which is better for your family's health, fresh grapes or raisins? Vietnamese families often have a love for both of these snacks, both of them providing a good source of various vitamins and minerals. Let's explore the benefits of fresh grapes and raisins and see which one has the most nutritional value.


Learn about the Health Benefits of Fresh Grapes

Fresh grapes are an excellent source of valuable minerals, vitamins, and energy that promote good health for you and your family.

The natural compounds found in grapes have been shown to improve intelligence, increase concentration, and contain substances that improve mood, making them beneficial for individuals with high temperament.

In addition, fresh grapes are known to aid digestion, boost immunity, and slow down the aging process of the skin.

Fresh grapes and raisins: which one is better?

Discover the Qualities of Raisins

Raisins, also known as dried grapes, are commonly enjoyed during the Lunar New Year and have a long shelf life. They are particularly loved by children due to their sweetness.

Furthermore, raisins have low fat content, high energy, and are rich in nutrients. They are known to promote cardiovascular health, regulate blood pressure, and possess antibacterial properties that help prevent tooth decay, mouth heat, and gum disease.

Fresh grapes and raisins: which one is better?

Comparing the Nutritional Value of Fresh Grapes and Raisins

Fresh grapes



Lower antioxidant content compared to raisins. Studies have shown that raisins have 3 times higher antioxidant levels than fresh grapes, which helps maintain optimal health, supports cancer prevention, and improves skin condition.

Sugar content

Fresh grapes have lower sugar content and can be consumed in moderation by individuals with blood sugar-related diseases. Raisins have higher sugar content and should be consumed in limited quantities by individuals with diabetes.


One glass of fresh grapes contains only 30 calories, making them suitable for individuals on a weight loss journey. One glass of raisins contains about 250 calories.

Vitamin C

Fresh grapes have higher Vitamin C content compared to raisins. The drying process reduces the water content of raisins and decreases their Vitamin C levels.


Fresh grapes have lower mineral content compared to raisins. Raisins have higher mineral content per unit mass.


Fresh grapes have a pleasant sweet and sour flavor, while raisins have a sweet taste.


Fresh grapes are typically more affordable than raisins, which have a higher price.

Fresh grapes and raisins: which one is better?

Choosing Between Fresh Grapes and Raisins

While there are distinct differences between fresh grapes and raisins, it is challenging to determine which is superior.

If you seek high levels of nutrients and antioxidants, raisins are the appropriate choice. However, if you are aiming to lose weight, fresh grapes are a much better option.

Individuals with diabetes should avoid consuming raisins due to their high sugar content, and it is advisable to brush teeth after eating them.

Raisins make an excellent choice for gifting relatives, colleagues, and superiors on festive occasions.

Whether you choose fresh grapes or raisins, it is recommended to consume one serving per day, equivalent to 16 raisins or fresh grapes.

Fresh grapes and raisins: which one is better?


Both fresh grapes and raisins offer numerous health benefits, making them excellent choices for you and your family.