Delicious Potato Recipes for a Cozy Family Meal

With just potatoes and a little creativity, you can add a delicious twist to your family meals.


Cheesy French Fries

This is a dish that anyone who loves gooey, creamy cheese will enjoy. Cheesy French fries are easy to make with clean, well-prepared potato wedges, fried to a golden crisp.

After frying, the fries are drained and served with a cheese sauce made from melted cheese, blended with seasonings, melted butter, and other ingredients. Dipping them in the sauce is a delightful experience.

Mashed Potatoes

You can make homemade mashed potatoes that are perfectly creamy and flavorful, just like at a restaurant.

With a simple recipe, the mashed potatoes are smooth, fragrant, and creamy, perfect as a side dish or main course.

Potato Snack

Make the ultimate potato snack with your hands and keep eating until you’re satisfied. With just potatoes, cooking oil, and common seasonings, you can create a crispy and irresistible potato snack.

The fried snack is crispy on the outside and coated with a salty and slightly sweet seasoning. It’s simple but endlessly satisfying.

Stir-Fried Potatoes

Stir-fried potatoes are easy to make, with a delicious aroma and suitable for those who are on a diet or vegetarian. After peeling and slicing the potatoes, they are stir-fried with spring onions. The end result is a fragrant and enticing dish.

Cheesy Potato Wedges

Aside from cutting them into slices, you can also make cheesy potato wedges. This is a great choice for those who enjoy cheese-coated dishes. The crisp and crunchy texture of the potato wedges, combined with the savory and fragrant cheese coating, is irresistible.

Potato Soup

Potato soup is not only simple and delicious, but also nutritious and easy to eat. This potato soup can be cooked with chicken, pork ribs, or beef.

The potatoes are cooked until soft and tender, and the meat adds sweetness to the flavorful broth. It can be enjoyed with rice or on its own.

Baked Potatoes

With an air fryer, you can easily make delicious and nutritious baked potatoes in your own kitchen.

The baked potatoes have a crispy golden exterior and a fluffy interior, without being greasy. The aroma of the dish is irresistible.

Potato Soup

Potatoes can also be transformed into a delicious and fragrant potato soup. After boiling the potatoes until tender, they are blended with milk to create a smooth texture. Then, the soup is cooked with cream, melted butter, creating a flavorful, creamy, and nutritious soup.

Braised Beef Tail with Potatoes

Add some energy to your family with this nutritious braised beef tail with potatoes. The finished dish looks incredibly appetizing.

The beef is simmered until tender, and the potatoes are cooked until they are soft and tender. The flavorful sauce adds depth and aroma to the dish, which is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Potato Stew with Soy Sauce is a unique dish where the potatoes are cooked with their skin intact and then boiled with salt. Afterward, the potatoes are stewed in a thick and creamy sauce made with seaweed, sugar, sesame oil, rice wine, purple onion, and fried garlic for additional fragrance.

Finally, the stewed potatoes are garnished with a sprinkle of fragrant roasted sesame seeds. The dish may look simple, but it has a delicious and unusual flavor that is both appetizing and eye-catching.

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