Delicious Sausage Dishes That Everyone in the Family Will Love

With sausages, you can create a wide range of appetizing dishes. Let's explore some of them!


Spicy Cheese Sausage

Spicy cheese sausage is a dish originated from South Korea. Street food enthusiasts must be familiar with spicy cheese sausage.

When you taste it, you will experience the crispy and delicious taste of the sausage, combined with the creamy taste of cheese. To harmonize these two ingredients, we must mention the sweet and sour sauce that makes you want to keep enjoying it. It’s perfect to enjoy with lemon tea, peach tea, or milk tea.

Fried Garlic Butter Sausage

With just a little time, you can have a delicious garlic butter fried sausage that smells appealing. The combination of cheese and butter blends with the savory taste of fish sauce.

When you eat it, you will feel the crispy and delicious sausage with a mild and pleasant garlic flavor, stimulating the taste buds of the eater.

You can dip this dish in chili sauce and enjoy it with a glass of refreshing sweet and sour tamarind tea to enhance the flavor!

Octopus Sausage

With the adorable and super cute shape of mini octopus. This dish not only makes children love it but also captivates adults with the cuteness of this dish.

In addition to the eye-catching shape, octopus sausage has a very attractive taste with the crispy golden coating and well-seasoned flavor.

This dish will be more delicious if you dip it in chili sauce and mayonnaise sauce. Also, a glass of sour and sweet lemon tea will add more flavor to this dish!

Sausage Wrapped in Egg

If you don’t know what delicious dish you can make with sausage that also attracts children, sausage wrapped in egg is a worthy candidate.

Instead of using meat like traditional methods, this dish is very beautiful with the brown sausage in the center combined with the yellow color of the egg on the outside. Dipping it with ketchup will make it even more delicious.

Twisted Fried Sausage

A delicious dish with sausage that you shouldn’t miss is twisted fried sausage. Just hearing about it can make you feel the crispy and crunchy sausage melting in your mouth.

The secret that makes this dish attractive is the crispy outer layer and the soft and tender sausage inside.

Sweet and Sour Stir-Fried Sausage

Unlike the other sausages used as snacks, with this sausage stir-fry, you can make it for the whole family to enjoy in a family meal to change the taste.

When finished, the sweet and sour sauce will evenly cover the sausage, creating a gelatinous layer. When you eat it, you will feel the soft and crunchy and attractive taste of the sausage.

To enhance the deliciousness of this dish, you can enjoy it with raw vegetables and a hot bowl of rice. It’s a perfect combination! Let’s try it!

Sausage Stuffed with Vegetables Baked in the Oven

When this dish is completed, the sausage will have a beautiful pink color. When you eat it, you will feel the delicious and soft sausage, tempting.

In addition, the cooked sweet potato and carrot give a crispy and delicious sensation, with melted cheese evenly covering the surface, which looks very attractive.

With this dish, you can dip it in chili sauce, ketchup, and enjoy it with a glass of guava tea. It’s absolutely amazing!

Soy Sauce Fried Sausage

To change the taste for a family meal, you can refer to this soy sauce fried sausage!

With a rich soy sauce that covers the golden fried sausages, emitting an attractive aroma, making everyone stop all their work to enjoy a bowl of hot rice with this delicious sausage.

To enhance the deliciousness of this dish, you can eat it with refreshing cucumber. It’s perfect!

Smoked Sausage with Black Pepper Sauce

Smoked sausage with black pepper sauce will have a strong aroma of green pepper combined with the flavorful sauce that is tastefully seasoned.

When you eat it, you will feel the fragrant and tender sausage, crispy and well-seasoned, enjoying it with white rice and some common raw vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, lettuce,…

Korean Stir-Fried Sausage with Vegetables

If you are passionate about Korean culture, this will be a great choice for you. After completion, the dish will have an attractive aroma, the sausage stir-fried well, attracting.

The ingredients are stir-fried together such as bell peppers, onions, leeks, which brings a sweet and attractive flavor to the dish.

The sauce is made from sesame oil, ketchup, sugar, and salt, so it will be very flavorful. You can enjoy it with a carbonated drink while savoring it!

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