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Pig stomach is a beloved dish that many people enjoy, and it also holds nutritional benefits. However, when preparing pig stomach, it often becomes tough and difficult to chew for many individuals.


The stomach is a pig organ but is considered nutritious. According to traditional medicine, pig stomach is warm and has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, treating tuberculosis, fatigue, weakness, heatiness, and stagnation in the stomach. Children who can eat stomach dishes can also treat jaundice and yellowing skin. Elderly people who eat stomach can help treat asthma, increase appetite. The ancients said that 1 stomach is equivalent to 10 herbal medicines, because stomach has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, enhancing vitality, and soothing the nerves. The pig stomach contains components that nourish the stomach and qi, which is very suitable for people who are weak and have a weak constitution.

However, processing stomach dishes is a challenge for many people because if not done correctly, the stomach will be smelly and chewy, difficult to chew and swallow.


How to make delicious and crispy stomach

Prepare ingredients:

300 – 500 grams of pig stomach; water, ice, lime, vinegar, ginger…



Step 1: Choose and prepare the stomach without odor

When buying stomach, remember to choose fresh pink stomachs without bruises, not swollen. Avoid buying frozen stomachs because they will lose their crispness and may be treated with preservatives harmful to the body.

To prevent the stomach from smelling, you can wash it with vinegar or white wine and ginger. You can also rub the stomach with flour, banana leaf water, fish sauce to effectively deodorize the stomach.

After washing, let the stomach dry.


How to boil the stomach with the 3 boils, 4 cools method:

Step 2, first boil: Boil a pot of water, the water must be boiling and cover the stomach. Prepare a bowl of ice water next to it.

When the water is boiling, put the stomach in and wait for the water to boil again, then take out the stomach and immerse it in the bowl of ice water, make sure the water covers the stomach.

Step 3, second boil: When the stomach is soaked in the ice water, put it back into the pot of boiling water on the stove. Wait until the water boils again, take it out and repeat the process as in the first time. Repeat again, once again for the stomach to become fully cooked, crispy, and white.


In the final cold water, you should add some lime juice or white vinegar to make the stomach whiter and keep it fresh without discoloration.

This 3 boils, 4 cools method helps to make the stomach white, crispy, and not chewy, suitable for the elderly. Then, let the stomach drain, slice it, eat it with dipping sauce, and herbs.

To make the dipping sauce for the stomach: Use 5 tablespoons of fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of lime juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar, mix well, adjust the amount of fish sauce according to your taste and the type of fish sauce you use. Then add chopped garlic and chili on top so that they won’t sink to the bottom.

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