Demand Soars for Noodle Crafted from Special Nutritious Ingredient

With the rising interest in nutrition and healthier eating habits, pumpkin noodles have become a popular choice for those looking to add a nutrient-filled dish to their diet. This article offers an in-depth look into this unique food and all its health benefits.


Pumpkin Spaghetti: A Delicious and Nutritious Option

Discover the delicious and nutritious world of pumpkin spaghetti. In this article, we will explore this unique variety in detail.

1. What is Pumpkin Spaghetti?

Pumpkin spaghetti, also known as spaghetti squash or cucurbita pepo, originates from Hainan Island, China. It is named for its long, thin fibers that resemble spaghetti noodles. This variety is primarily grown in rural areas of Japan and has recently been introduced to Vietnam, where it is now cultivated in Lam Dong province.

Pumpkin spaghetti originates from Hainan Island, China

Ripe pumpkin spaghetti has an oval shape, slightly hard skin, and light yellow flesh that resembles spaghetti noodles. Each mature pumpkin spaghetti typically weighs about 2-3kg. This variety is a year-round growing plant that can be harvested after approximately 80 days of sowing and nurturing, resulting in juicy and firm pumpkins.

Pumpkin spaghetti can be harvested after 80 days of sowing and nurturing

When cooked, pumpkin spaghetti can be immersed in cold water for a few minutes, causing the flesh to naturally form small fibers that can be easily pulled out by hand. The taste of this pumpkin is also similar to spaghetti. It can be prepared in various delicious and nutritious dishes, including fried cakes, salads, soups, and more. In many places, people even dry the pumpkin fibers for storage. When ready to eat, simply soak them in boiling water, and they will expand just like fresh noodles.

The flesh of pumpkin spaghetti can be processed into many dishes

Pumpkin spaghetti not only offers a delicious and refreshing aroma but also contains numerous nutrients that are beneficial for health. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which contribute to reducing fat, preventing cancer, and improving skin health.

2. How Much Does Pumpkin Spaghetti Cost?

The price of pumpkin spaghetti typically ranges from 90,000 to 120,000 VND per kilogram, although prices may vary depending on the seller. You can purchase pumpkin spaghetti at grocery stores or through online farms.

Pumpkin spaghetti has a price range of about 90,000 - 120,000 VND/kg

Due to its hard skin, pumpkin spaghetti is convenient to store and preserve. It can be stored throughout the year without affecting the quality of the fruit.

Above are the key points about pumpkin spaghetti. We hope this article has provided you with useful information. Thank you for reading!