Discover How to Prepare and Enjoy Pig’s Trotters: Cleaning and Cooking Advice

Do you have a hankering to learn more about the delicious dishes made with pork belly? If so, we have some information just for you!


Pork penis is a dish made from the reproductive organs of male pigs. It is commonly served on drinking tables and is enjoyed for its delicious taste and nutritional value.

1 What is pork penis?

Pork penis, often considered a delicacy, is believed to have nourishing properties for the kidneys and bones. It is frequently used in traditional medicine to treat conditions such as impotence and back pain. However, it is important to note that these claims are based on folklore and have not been scientifically proven.

What is pork penis?What is pork penis?

Eating pork penis is believed to enhance male vitality, treat tooth grinding, and improve male weakness and impotence. However, it is important to note that these effects are based on traditional knowledge and should not replace medical treatment.

2 How to clean pork penis

To clean pork penis, it is recommended to wash it thoroughly, squeeze out the white substance, and remove any odor. It can then be cut into pieces and steamed until cooked. Another method to clean pork penis is to soak it in vinegar to whiten it and reduce its fishy smell.

How to clean pork penisHow to clean pork penis

3 Delicious dishes made from pork penis

Grilled pork penis

Grilled pork penis is a unique dish that is known for its distinctive flavor. It is often enjoyed for its crispy texture, well-seasoned taste, and smoky aroma from grilling.

Grilled pork penisGrilled pork penis

Fried pork penis with fish sauce

Fried pork penis with fish sauce is a popular choice, particularly in rural areas. It is known for its aromatic spices mixed with pre-marinated fish sauce, making it a unique and flavorful dish.

Fried pork penis with fish sauceFried pork penis with fish sauce

Sweet and sour pork penis

Sweet and sour pork penis is a dish that involves marinating dried pork penis in a mixture of ginger, garlic, chili, lime juice, and boiled vinegar. This results in a fragrant and flavorful dish with a unique combination of sour and sweet tastes.

Sweet and sour pork penisSweet and sour pork penis

These are some of the dishes made from pork penis. If you are interested, you can explore more delicious recipes using pork penis. Enjoy these tasty dishes while drinking!