Discovering the Culinary Delights of Norwegian Brown Crabs

Today, we are bringing you an exciting insight into the world-famous Norwegian brown cheese. Learn all about this delectable masterpiece, as well as some tantalizing recipes to make with it!


When it comes to seafood, the Norwegian brown crab stands out for its delicious aroma and distinct flavor. This species of crab is highly sought after and used in various culinary creations. In this article, we will explore the Norwegian brown crab and discover popular dishes made from it.

1 Origin of Norwegian Brown Crab

The Norwegian brown crab, also known as the King crab, is a rare marine species found in the North Atlantic, particularly in the coastal waters of Norway.

Origin of Norwegian Brown CrabOrigin of Norwegian Brown Crab

2 What Makes Norwegian Brown Crab Special?

The Norwegian brown crab gets its name from its dark brown body and large, flat claws that give it a fierce appearance. This crab species thrives in clean seas with golden sandy bottoms and clear water.

The Norwegian brown crab is renowned for its ample roe, with larger crabs producing more roe. Hence, they are often referred to as “super roe crabs” in the seafood industry. When consumed, the crab offers a fresh sweetness, firm meat, and rich, fatty roe with minimal fishy odor, providing an exceptional dining experience.

In addition to its culinary appeal, the Norwegian brown crab boasts high nutritional and economic value. Consequently, Norway exports a considerable quantity of brown crabs to countries worldwide each year.

What Makes Norwegian Brown Crab Special?What Makes Norwegian Brown Crab Special?

3 Pricing and Availability

Norwegian brown crab is readily available for purchase through online seafood markets or local fresh seafood stores. The price typically ranges from 700,000 to 800,000 VND/kg for fresh Norwegian brown crab, while frozen options can be found for around 390,000 VND/kg.

Pricing and AvailabilityPricing and Availability

4 Delicious Dishes from Norwegian Brown Crab

The delectable taste of crab meat makes Norwegian brown crab a favorite ingredient in various dishes. Here are some delightful dishes made from Norwegian brown crabs:

  • Steamed Norwegian Brown Crab: This dish involves steaming Norwegian brown crabs with ingredients like [Insert Ingredients] to create a rich, flavorful experience. Serving it with [Insert Accompaniment] enhances the taste and ensures an unforgettable culinary journey.
  • Norwegian Brown Crab Soup: Made from the broth of Norwegian brown crabs, crab meat, and [Insert Ingredients], this soup delivers an exceptional blend of flavors. It serves as a comforting and delectable dish, perfect for chilly days.
  • Norwegian Brown Crab Noodles: Noodles immersed in crab broth, served with crab meat, [Insert Ingredients], and [Insert Ingredients]. The exquisite flavor of Norwegian brown crab combined with delicious noodles makes it a beloved and renowned dish in Norway.
  • Norwegian Brown Crab Balls: Crab meat is minced and blended with [Insert Ingredients] and spices, resulting in flavorful Norwegian brown crab balls. These balls are deep-fried and enjoyed with a sweet and sour sauce, creating an amazing taste experience.
  • Norwegian Brown Crab Salad: Chopped Norwegian brown crab mixed with [Insert Ingredients], [Insert Ingredients], onions, and [Insert Sauce]. This refreshing and savory salad offers exceptional flavor and nutritional value, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a light and wholesome meal.
  • Norwegian Brown Crab Cookies: Cookies crafted from flour, [Insert Ingredients], and minced Norwegian brown crab meat. These cookies capture the distinct delectable flavor of Norwegian brown crab, making them a fantastic addition to parties and gatherings.

Delicious Dishes from Norwegian Brown CrabDelicious Dishes from Norwegian Brown Crab

With its distinctive taste, the Norwegian brown crab has become a staple in many famous dishes. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into this remarkable crab species and offered enticing meal suggestions!

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