Don’t forget to add this ingredient to your fish meat storehouse, it will bring out vibrant colors and delightful aroma.

Coconuts are known for their ability to enhance the visual appeal and add a delightful aroma to dishes featuring meat and fish.



– Coconut water

Coconut water color is not only beautiful but also does not have a bitter taste. Here is a simple way to make coconut water color.


Coconut Water Color has beautiful color and no bitterness.

Filter Fresh Coconut Water: First, filter fresh coconut water to remove dirt particles and coconut fibers. Note that you should cook immediately after taking the coconut water out of the fruit to avoid the coconut water from becoming sour, thereby affecting the quality of the color water.

Cook Coconut Water: Pour coconut water into a pan or pot, and start boiling. When the coconut water reduces by about half, you can add new coconut water and continue cooking.


Check and Stir: When the coconut water partly decreases and starts to change color, reduce the heat. During cooking, you can gently stir to allow the color water to evaporate easily and not burn. It is important to maintain the temperature and always be near the heat.

Check the Sticky Texture: During cooking, if you see the color water has a sticky and cohesive texture, like the color of a cricket’s wings, it is a sign that the water has completed the cooking process.

Store the Color Water: Finally, let the coconut water color cool before pouring it into a bottle or jar for gradual use. The simple way to store is to seal it tightly and keep it in a dry, cool place. The color water can be stored for up to 3 years.


With coconut water color, your braised dishes will not only be more delicious but also become more attractive. Experience this method to enhance the aroma and ensure the health of your family!

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