Experience French Fries Like Never Before with Tapioca Pearl Sauce

Fans of bubble tea in Philippines are in for a treat: a bubble tea shop has added a brand-new item to its menu - french fries with buffalo sauce!


The Pearl Fajardo, a milk tea shop in the Philippines, has introduced a new item on its menu. Introducing the intriguing black sugar pearl fries.

Black sugar pearl fries

The Pearl Fajardo, originally a milk tea shop, has decided to infuse fries into its menu. The unexpected combination of flavors and textures has created quite the buzz among customers.

Black sugar pearl fries

This unique dish is known as the “Triple Treat,” a delightful combination that aims to surprise and satisfy the taste buds of its customers.

But regardless of its origin, what matters is that the black sugar pearl fries are now available for everyone to enjoy!

Black sugar pearl fries

This isn’t the first time black sugar pearls have been combined with other dishes. Some previous “unusual” creations include:

Black sugar pearl milk tea rice

Black sugar pearl ramen

Black sugar pearl pizza