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Wrinkled cowfish is highly regarded as a delicacy originating from the Central region, renowned for its versatility in creating delectable culinary delights. We invite you to delve into the world of wrinkle cowfish and discover its exquisite qualities.

What are the Characteristics of the Wrinkle Cowfish?

Wrinkle cowfish is a genus within the cowfish family, typically consisting of approximately 42 species. Within the Central region, hòm cowfish (kh? fish), giáp cowfish, and wrinkle cowfish are the three most commonly utilized types of cowfish.

Some regions also refer to this fish as the paper cowfish or cowfish. It primarily inhabits coastal areas abundant with coral reefs or underwater rocks, rendering it quite elusive and challenging to capture.

The wrinkle cowfish typically possesses a lengthy and slender body with a flat shape, adorned with small, closely-packed scales, and rough, thick skin reminiscent of armor. They boast a distinct light gray hue. Additionally, the wrinkle cowfish boasts a set of interlocking teeth, usually comprising of six teeth on the outer row of the upper jaw and six or fewer teeth on the outer row of the lower jaw. Distinctively, the pectoral fin of this species often presents a small slit on one side.

Wrinkle cowfish
Wrinkle cowfish

Where Can You Buy a Wrinkle Cowfish and How Much Do They Cost?

To purchase wrinkle cowfish, you have the option of visiting seafood stores or fish markets. Alternatively, you can enjoy the convenience of ordering online from reputable commercial websites and having it delivered right to your doorstep.

It is crucial to purchase fresh fish from a reliable source. At present, the cost of wrinkle cowfish typically varies around 170,000 VND per kilogram.

Wrinkle cowfish can be purchased at seafood stores or fish markets.You can purchase wrinkle cowfish at seafood stores or fish markets.

Tips for Choosing and Purchasing a Wrinkle Cowfish

  • To savor the delectable wrinkle cowfish, it is crucial to select fish with a vibrant rosiness, glistening sea fish eyes, shining scales, normal skin color, and a firm belly.
  • Do not select fish that are bloated, dull, or have cloudy eyes.
  • Choose fish weighing over 1.5kg as cowfish mostly prefer fish with medium or higher weight due to their preference for fish body and relatively large fish bones. It is recommended to choose fish with sufficient meat for the best results.
  • For a more convenient option, you can purchase cowfish without skin, which has been thoroughly cleaned. Frozen seafood remains fresh and delicious even after thawing, allowing for longer storage periods.

How to choose and buy wrinkle cowfish

Learn how to select and purchase wrinkle cowfish

Cooking with Wrinkle Cowfish: Delicious Dishes You Need to Try

Wrinkle cowfish, known for its delectable taste, can be prepared in various delightful and enticing ways to suit the preferences of different households. Options include frying, drying, and even making a sour soup with this fish. However, one dish that stands out is the grilled wrinkle cowfish. This particular preparation is adored by many due to its irresistible aroma and mouthwatering flavor. Fortunately, the recipe for this dish is quite simple, as you can choose to grill it using a pan, oven, or an air fryer.

Grilled wrinkle cowfish with salt and chili
Grilled wrinkle cowfish with salt and chili

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