Explore the Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Stir Frying

Is olive oil a viable alternative to vegetable oil in cooking? This is a trend that has been increasingly popular with women in recent years, as they look for healthier options to improve their health. But is this really the best option?


What is olive oil?

– Olive oil is a type of oil obtained from the olive tree, extracted through crushing and pressing olive fruits.

– Besides being a beneficial fat that helps enhance metabolism in the body, olive oil also has the ability to help women with beauty.

What is olive oil?
What is olive oil?

Is olive oil better than other vegetable oils?

– As society develops, many families choose to buy olive oil because they believe it is better than other vegetable oils.

– Many women recommend marinating fish meat with olive oil to make it softer and more delicious. Frying, stir-frying, and simmering all use olive oil instead of regular cooking oil.

Should olive oil be used for frying and stir-frying when cooking

Should olive oil be used for frying and stir-frying?

– With the misconception of using cooking oil improperly, Dr. Hoang Thi Tin, Head of the Nutrition Department at Children’s Hospital 1, has issued warnings and advice to families.

– Olive oil actually has a low heat tolerance, so it is best to add it after turning off the heat. Cooking olive oil at high temperatures can have adverse effects on health.

– If you want to use olive oil for, it is best used in mixed salad dishes or added to cooked food, and it should not be boiled with olive oil.

Should olive oil be used for frying and stir-frying when cooking