Fruit Juice and 6 Absolute Don’ts

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are widely consumed and enjoyed in many households. However, not everyone understands how to safely incorporate juices into their diet for optimal health benefits.


Tips for Consuming Health-Beneficial Fruit Juice:

1. Avoid Diluting Fruit Juice with Water

When consuming certain tart fruit juices like orange or strawberry, some individuals tend to add water to reduce the acidity. This practice is detrimental as the addition of water diminishes the vitamin content of the juice, potentially eliminating it completely. To fully benefit from the nutritional value of fruits, consume the juice undiluted.

6 Things to Avoid When Consuming Fruit Juice

2. Refrain from Consuming Fruit Juice First Thing in the Morning or on an Empty Stomach

Fruit juices contain high levels of acidity, making consumption in the morning or on an empty stomach particularly harmful to the body, especially the digestive system. The acid content can disrupt digestion by damaging vitamins and the gastric lining of the stomach.

The optimal time to consume fruit juice is following a meal or during periods of physical exertion.

3. Avoid Mixing Fruit Juice with Milk

Mixing fruit juice with milk can cause stomach discomfort due to the interaction between the acid in the juice and the protein in the milk. This combination can negatively impact the digestive system.

4. Refrain from Adding Sugar to Fruit Juice

Fruits naturally contain beneficial amounts of sugar; therefore, adding additional sugar to enhance sweetness can lead to excessive sugar intake. Prolonged consumption of excess sugar can contribute to various health risks.

5. Avoid Heating Fruit Juice

Heating fruit juice destroys essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C.

6. Do Not Use Metal Spoons for Stirring

Stirring fruit juice with a metal spoon triggers a chemical reaction between the metal and the vitamins and minerals present in the juice. This reaction can lead to the degradation of these nutrients, especially vitamin C.

Frequently asked questions

Fruit juices are best avoided on an empty stomach, especially in the morning. The high acidity levels in fruit juices can be harmful to your body, particularly your digestive system. It’s optimal to consume fruit juice after a meal or during physical activity when your body can better handle the acid content.

No, this combination can cause stomach discomfort. The acid in the juice interacts with the protein in milk, which can negatively impact digestion.

Fruits naturally contain sugar, so adding more can lead to excessive sugar intake and potential health risks. It’s best to avoid adding sugar and enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Heating fruit juice should be avoided as it destroys essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C.

Metal spoons should not be used as the metal triggers a chemical reaction with the vitamins and minerals in the juice, leading to nutrient degradation, especially vitamin C.

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