How to Choose a Delicious Musang King Durian

The Musang King durian is a medium-sized, oval-shaped fruit, weighing between 2-4 kg. Its skin is a dark green and is covered with large, menacing spines. When cut, the durian reveals five distinct, thick segments.


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1What is Musang King durian?

What is Musang King durian?What is Musang King durian?

Musang King durian, also known as Mao Shan Wang or Cat Mountain King, is considered the best durian in the world. It originates from Sabah state in Malaysia.

This variety of durian was registered and recognized in 1993 under Malaysia’s Plant Variety Protection Act, with the code D197. Musang King durian is known for its outstanding characteristics such as yellow rice, sweet taste, strong fragrance, and flat seeds.

Currently, Musang King durian comes in two varieties: yellow-flesh and red-flesh durian.

Characteristics of Musang King durian

Characteristics of Musang King durianCharacteristics of Musang King durian

Musang King durian is a light-loving plant that grows to a height of about 5m. It takes approximately 3-5 years to harvest, depending on the care conditions. It thrives in temperatures from 30-35 degrees Celsius and is primarily grown in the Central Highlands and Mekong Delta regions of Vietnam.

Musang King durian has moderately-sized fruits with oval-shaped dark green skin. The spikes on the durian are large but spaced far apart, resembling small pyramids. The stem of the durian fruit is relatively flat, without spikes, but has a distinctive groove between the stem and the body of the fruit. Looking at the bottom of the durian fruit, we can clearly see 5 large segments that embrace the durian fruit.

Why is it called Musang King durian?

Why is it called Musang King durian?Why is it called Musang King durian?

In the 1980s, a man named Tan Lai Fook from Raub, Pahang, accidentally discovered the Raja Kunyit durian tree in Gua Musang, Kelantan. The tree was brought back to Raub for grafting, and its popularity led to it being named after Gua Musang, the place of origin.

2Is Musang King durian tasty?

Is Musang King durian tasty?Is Musang King durian tasty?

Musang King durian has yellow flesh with flat and thin seeds. It has a sweet taste and a distinctive fragrance that is not too strong or bitter. When enjoyed, the rich flavors of the durian flesh are prominent, providing a satisfying bite.

3Distinctive features of Musang King durian

Distinctive features of Musang King durianDistinctive features of Musang King durian

Musang King durian has the distinctive feature of smooth yellow rice and compact flesh. It has 5 large and thick segments, with firm rice flesh that is not watery or mushy.

4How to choose delicious Musang King durian

How to choose delicious Musang King durianHow to choose delicious Musang King durian

To choose delicious Musang King durian, select ripe fruits with a fragrant smell and a dry and darkened stem. Another way to choose a delicious durian is to hold the fruit and shake it. If the durian seeds inside move, it indicates that the durian is dry. If there is no movement, the durian may be mushy.

5How much does Musang King durian cost? Where to buy?

How much does Musang King durian cost? Where to buy?How much does Musang King durian cost? Where to buy?

Musang King durian is sold at a price of about 1,300,000 – 1,500,000 VND/1 kg. You can find Musang King durian at large supermarket systems and specialized stores selling imported fruits.

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