How to make delicious pumpkin soup with pork tail for a happier marriage

Below is a guide on how to cook a delicious and nutritious stewed pumpkin soup with pork tails that is not just tasty but also beneficial for a better intimate life.


Stewed pumpkin with pig’s tail is an attractive dish, high in nutritional value, and good for health, bringing benefits to married life. Below is the most detailed guide on how to cook it.


Ingredients for cooking stewed pumpkin with pig’s tail:

– Pig’s tail: 500g

– Pumpkin: 600g

– Spring onions: 3 stems

– Coriander: a bunch

– Seasoning: Salt, ground pepper, MSG


How to cook stewed pumpkin with pig’s tail:

– Step 1 (preparing ingredients): Peel and remove the seeds of the pumpkin, then wash it thoroughly. Cut it into bite-sized pieces. Shave off any hair from the pig’s tail, rinse it with diluted salt water, then cut it into short sections.

Trim the roots off the spring onions and coriander, wash them, and cut them into short sections.

– Step 2: Boil water in a pot, then blanch the pig’s tail briefly to remove any unpleasant smell and impurities. Take the pig’s tail out and set it aside.

– Step 3: Bring the water in the pot to a boil over high heat. After it boils, reduce the heat to low, add the soup base and pig’s tail, and continue boiling until the pig’s tail is tender.

– Step 4: Add the pumpkin into the pot and cook for about 15-20 minutes until the pumpkin becomes tender. Then add MSG and bring it to a boil. After that, add the spring onions and coriander, mix well, and turn off the heat.

– Step 5: Ladle the soup into a bowl, sprinkle some ground pepper to enhance the flavor. Stewed pumpkin with pig’s tail is best enjoyed hot.

I wish you success with this recipe for stewed pumpkin with pig’s tail!

Other delicious dishes from pig’s tail

Braised pig’s tail with soybeans


Ingredients: Pig’s tail, soybeans, ginger, spring onions, garlic, soy sauce, sugar, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, chili, coriander, ginger, soy sauce.

– Chop the pig’s tail into small pieces, rinse it, and remove any remaining hair using tweezers. Soak the dried soybeans in water for 1 hour.

– Put the pig’s tail in a pot, heat it up, blanch it in boiling water for 2 minutes, then rinse it again and let it drain.

– Stir-fry the ginger, spring onions, garlic, cloves, star anise, and cinnamon until fragrant. Add the pig’s tail and stir-fry until well-coated. Then add cooking wine, soy sauce, brown sugar, stir-fry until the color darkens, then pour in hot water and simmer for 1 hour.

– Add the soybeans, cook for another 15 minutes, then season with spices to taste.

Braised pig’s tail in caramel sauce

Ingredients: Pig’s tail, salt, sugar, MSG, cooking wine, cloves, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, soy sauce, chili, spring onions, ginger, soy sauce.

– Chop the pig’s tail into small pieces, blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes, then remove and drain.

– Add the pig’s tail and all the seasonings to a pot, cook for 1 hour until the sauce thickens. Serve on a plate, garnish with cucumber or some coriander.

How to eat pig’s tail in moderation?

Specifically, 58% of the fat in pig’s tail is saturated fat. The cholesterol content in 100g of pig’s tail is up to 96mg, higher than that of pork in general (about 67mg) and accounts for 32% of the daily requirement (on a 2000-calorie diet).

Therefore, experts recommend that almost anyone can eat pig’s tail, except for those with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, or obesity. The high cholesterol and unhealthy fat content in pig’s tail can worsen the condition. It is recommended to eat pig’s tail only once a week and avoid excessive consumption.