How to make pickled sweet and sour chili bamboo shoots that are crispy, delicious, and safe to eat without worrying about toxins – Just remember these 2 things

Pickled sweet and sour peppers is a tantalizing dish that adds a burst of flavor to any meal and various dishes. Let's make it at home to enhance the taste buds of our family.


Sweet and sour pickled bamboo shoots is an incredibly delicious dish. It is also a versatile side dish that enhances the flavors of rice noodles, pho, rice, soup, and noodles… Making sweet and sour pickled bamboo shoots at home is very simple and safe:

Prepare ingredients

1 kg bamboo shoots

4 horn peppers (for color)

4 hot peppers (adjust according to taste)

2 – 3 garlic cloves

Seasonings: Fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, salt

Clean and dry glass jars or ceramic jars

Step 1: Select and prepare bamboo shoots (note 1 point in this step for safety)

When pickling bamboo shoots, you can choose bamboo shoots, bamboo leaves, or bamboo shoots, depending on your family’s taste.

In many places, bamboo shoots are washed with salt water and then soaked. However, bamboo shoots are a natural food with toxins that can be fatal. Therefore, when buying bamboo shoots, you need to be careful and when pickling bamboo shoots, you need to boil them.

Choose bamboo shoots that are not black at the tip, and have no signs of white mold on the skin, which means they are fresh.

Peel the bamboo shoots and slice them before soaking in water. Soaking them in rice water will help remove toxins better.

Especially, it is necessary to boil the bamboo shoots before pickling. Boil the bamboo shoots and remember to open the lid to let the toxins escape with the steam. Especially when pickling bamboo shoots with garlic chili vinegar and planning to use the soaking water to dilute in fish sauce, it is even more important to soak and boil thoroughly and open the lid when boiling to release the natural toxins of the bamboo shoots.

Boil 2-3 times to make the bamboo shoots white. After each boiling, quickly immerse the bamboo shoots in a basin of cold water to make them crispy and white.

The 2 most important tips lie in the bamboo shoot preparation step: That is to boil and open the lid to release the toxins and immerse in cold water to make the bamboo shoots crispy. After soaking in cold water, remember to drain the water from the bamboo shoots.

Step 2: Prepare pickle solution

You can refer to the pickling formula: 1 liter of filtered water, 50 gr fish sauce, 50 gr sugar, 30 gr vinegar, 2 teaspoons of salt. You can adjust the taste to suit your family’s preferences.

Put the mixture on the stove, heat it and stir to dissolve the sugar. Then let the pickle solution cool down.

Divide the garlic into 2 parts: grind or mince one part to extract aromatic oil, and slice the remaining part to create attractive pieces when pickling.

In the horn pepper, the non-spicy pepper is used for color grinding together with garlic to make the pickle solution colorful. The spicy pepper is sliced.

When the pickle solution is cool, add the minced garlic and peppers, stir well to create a beautiful mixture.

Step 3: Pickle the bamboo shoots

Clean and dry glass jars, then add bamboo shoots, peppers, and sliced garlic. You can mix the garlic and peppers with the bamboo shoots and shake them evenly outside the basket, then put them into the jar. Or you can layer the bamboo shoots with a layer of garlic and peppers. Then pour the pickle solution, the solution should completely cover the bamboo shoots. Use a weight to press the bamboo shoots down so they don’t float on the water’s surface. Close the lid tightly and leave it in a cool place for about 2 days before enjoying.

Pickled bamboo shoots have beautiful color, crispy texture, and a balanced sweet, sour, and slightly spicy taste.

Pickled bamboo shoots are perfect to pair with boiled morning glory, boiled meat, rice vermicelli, pho, and boiled duck. You can also try the experience of pickled bamboo shoots cooked with fish or making bamboo shoot broth.

Storing pickled bamboo shoots

– To keep pickled bamboo shoots for a long time, you need to ensure that the jar is clean, dry, and airy, and the bamboo shoot liquid is not cloudy.

– Pickled bamboo shoots should be stored in glass jars or ceramic jars, not plastic jars.

– When eating, use clean chopsticks to pick up the bamboo shoots, avoid putting the leftover bamboo shoots back into the jar.

– If the pickled bamboo shoots become too sour, you can store them in the refrigerator to reduce the sour taste.

– If possible, you can add star fruit to make it more flavorful.

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